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Enjoy Fast Delivery on a Stressless Nordic Recliner Large with Ottoman- True Comfort Awaits

Now is a great time to save big on the world's most comfortable recliners. We bring you the lowest prices allowed on all Stressless Recliners. Choose your favorite leather grade, pick one of the fabulous colors, and match it perfectly with a wide assortment of different wood options in your preferred size.

Are you considering an accessory? These include: the simple Swing Table, the ultra-convenient Personal/Laptop Table, the useful Ellipse Table, the stylish Urban Table, or the fan-favorite Elevator Ring set.

Pricing is reflected automatically when you make your leather selection from the swatches above (during the promotion period). Need assistance- Please call 1-888-486-9463.

Our Ekornes Authorized Price Reduction Sale is Going on Now!

Now is a great time to save $100's on select Ekornes Stressless Recliners & Furniture items. Supply is limited so call 888-486-9463 or click the Chat button (top of page) to learn how your next Stressless Chair can be delivered nationwide with pricing that simply cannot be matched.


With the changing season comes new ways to save! Choose from many, many Stressless Furniture items in our Ekornes Authorized Price Reduction Inventory (EAPR) and save $100's from what you'd expect to pay. We also make it super easy by including the Ekornes mandated delivery fees in the EAPR model pricing. So the price you get on our Ekornes Authorized Price Reduction models is the "delivered" price with no additional fees- Did we mention the Sales Tax Benefits?

We want to make the shopping process as simple as possible. This is why we have built in the lowest authorized pricing automatically. If you aren't sure about a price, feel to drop us a line at 888-486-9463 or click the "Pricing Information" tab near the top of this page to see all pricing levels for this model.
Stressless Nordic Recliner and Ottoman with Classic Base

Enjoy Fast, Worry-free Delivery on a Stressless Nordic Recliner Large with Ottoman.

Choose between many leather colors and a wide assortment of different wood options in all three sizes.

Got an accessory on your mind? Why not add a laptop table to your new Stressless Nordic recliner? Here are some of the relaxing, productive benefits:

  • The laptop table will transform your favorite Stressless chair, into your favorite place to work.
  • It slides easily out of the way if you're not planning to use it.
  • It has notches on the table back that prevent your laptop or tablet from falling off.
  • The adjustable height and tilt allows you to work at the perfect, ergonomic position.
  • It attaches to either side of your classic base Stressless recliner by Ekornes.
Start relaxing in your beautiful new Nordic Large recliner sooner with our Quick and Easy Shipping Methods.
It's a great time of year to purchase from the amazingly comfortable, Stressless Nordic line! This popular, modern recliner delivers exquisite head, neck and back support and the over-stuffed smooth, soft, cushioning allows you to sit undeterred for many hours on end. The Stressless Nordic Large recliner is among the most modern Stressless recliners available.
Ordering is always fast and secure. Here’s how to checkout securely online 24 hours a day and save under the current promotional offer:
    1. Visit the desired Stressless Recliner or Ekornes Furniture product page.
    2. Select the Stressless recliner, office chair, sofa or sectional that fits you best.
    3. Choose your preferred leather or fabric type and color by selecting from the pull down menu above, which is titled: "Select Leather or Fabric Type and Color". Then choose from the beautiful wood stains. Typically, we keep all stains in stock.
    4. The Discounted Pricing is displayed automatically (it's displayed next to the product images, top of page).
    5. Now simply scroll down the page and click the “Add to shopping bag” button.
    6. Click the "Proceed to Checkout" button, or the “Cart” button at the top right of the page.
    7. Follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll be relaxing in your new Stressless Recliner very quickly. 

Ekornes Stressless Worth Testing Image

Have Questions or Prefer to order via phone? Drop us a line at 888-486-9463 or 1-601-932-5111 (Internationally)
Looking to add a matching Stressless Sofa, Loveseat or Sectional? You’re in luck as the Ekornes Batick & Paloma Specials Sale Colors are also eligible for additional savings under this promotion. You receive Paloma Special Pricing Colors at Batick Special Pricing levels and Batick Special Pricing Colors at $100 off their regular pricing. These deals can save you $1000’s. Simply choose your matching Batick or Paloma leather sofa or sectional model and watch the savings stack up! 

Choose Unwind and you can relax with the lowest prices allowed.

Have Questions or Prefer to order via phone? Drop us a line at 888-486-9463 or 1-601-932-5111 (Internationally). View our Blog to learn about what’s new and exciting in detail or drop our Ekornes Brand Specialists a line at 888-486-9463. They can explain the specifics of each product and help direct you to money-saving opportunities. We aren't a furniture store. We provide the latest in relaxation products in an effort to promote a reduction in stress for our customers and friends. There are no hassles or haggles at Unwind. There is simply good people trying to get you the furniture your body needs at the best prices allowed. Our President makes sure that each and every team member at Unwind is wholly focused on providing the best Customer Service available. We want more than customers. We want to help promote a healthier lifestyle overall. These chiropractic approved furniture items are a great way to make every seat in your home back-friendly.

We offer the lowest prices authorized by Ekornes on all Stressless Recliners and Chairs. You save time and money with our Fast Delivery to anywhere in the continental United States (and other parts of North America). We have 1000's of items in stock for immediate shipping.
We also delivery Fully-Assembled, Brand-New items right through the front door of your business or home with the Fastest Shipping Methods available. Our Delivery Options can have Recliners in stock for Immediate-Shipping delivered to virtually anywhere in North America in 1-5 business days. There's no need to pay for standard shipping when you can have Priority Shipping at no cost. All of our items are backed by the rock-solid 10 year Manufacturer's Warranty at no additional cost. You can truly relax and unwind when you choose the world's most advanced recliners. From the patented technologies, to the outstanding construction and engineering, down to the incredibly useful accessories, you will be able to relieve stress and tension and promote a genuine sense of well-being in this seating solution.
The newest recliners from Ekornes include the Nordic, Crown, Skyline, & View. These models are guaranteed to build upon classical Stressless Strengths and expand our understanding of comfort technology. The new 2015 Cori Leather is a show-stopper. The increased tip shine and textural depth provides a rich, dramatic colorization. The texture is so unmistakeably 100% Premium Top-Grain Leather. Many of your classic favorites like the Stressless Mayfair will soon be stocked in select Cori colors. Call 888-486-9463 for the latest information about this and more.
Nordic Recliner by Ekornes in Khaki Cori Leather
It is a great time of year to purchase the amazingly comfortable, Stressless Nordic reclining chair! This ultra, high-end recliner delivers exquisite head, neck and back support and the over-stuffed smooth, soft, cushioning allows you to sit undeterred for many hours on end. The polished, steel base insures your recliner will last for many, many years!
Want to add a matching Stressless Sofa, Loveseat or Sectional? You’re in luck as there are Ekornes Batick & Paloma Specials for the Wave Sofa and Love Seats that will save you $1000’s. Simply choose a matching Batick or Paloma leather sofa or sectional model and watch the savings stack up! 

Stressless Nordic Recliner (large size) and Ottoman by Ekornes- A cool addition to the back-healthy Ekornes product line.

This elegant new design from Ekornes is sure to please your back and eye. It's sleek design is deceptive because it is so padded and cushioned you might expect to be seated upon an overstuffed Papasan Chair. It is also incredibly sturdy. The frame and upholstery are made from the finest materials and backed by warranty directly from the manufacturer. The brilliance of Ekornes isn't just their exquisite designs. It isn't just their remarkable color schemes or the tremendous variety of design options. It's in their willingness to stand by their product. Not only does Ekornes claim that this brand of furniture can enhance your comfort and overall well-being but they stand by their products firmly with a 10 year warranty. This warranty comes at no extra cost to you. Ekornes is so confident because they know that when it comes to Stressless, they "got it right". It is a little silly for anyone to have to pay extra for an "extended protection plan". The manufacturer should just build an amazing product and stand by its claims.

They have done just that with the new Nordic Recliner. It is available in both Large Sizes and a Medium Version. It's styling brings to mind the simple and distinct horizontal seams on the Liberty Sofa and Voyager Recliners. These horizontal seams force the padding and support into specific areas. These are also know as Comfort Zones™. They provide layers of support for each section of your body. This way you have cushion and padding in all the right places. Never forget: There are still the world-renowned characeristics that you know and love from every other Stressless Recliner:

Stressless Technology- Patented Innovations

  • The Plus System™ is the means by which Ekornes ensures your head and lower back are receiving constant and continuous support. Seated Upright, Reclining, or Laid Back for a nap; you are supported when you need it the most.
  • A low center-of-gravity allows the recliner to achieve a point of perfect balance. This further ensures you receive the optimum support your body needs to relax and unwind.
  • The Glide System™ allows you to seamlessly shift from sitting to reclining without the use of levers or complicated mechanics. A simple adjustment of your body weight will cause the seat to recline. It is truly "hands free".
  • The simple and lightweight ottoman features a built-in "Tilt System" that ensures your ottoman can also adjust to accomodate - The easily-moved ottoman also features the built-in Glide System that adjusts to your body movements for the ultimate in comfort.
  • Ekornes builds their furniture and accessories to last a lifetime. Not only is there a 10 year Warranty for the internal mechanisms of your recliner but a 25 year lifespan is easily accomplished with these fine products.
  • Stressless Recliners are created for a custom fit- Many of these recliners come in 2 sizes (medium or large) and many sofas are also available in two sizes (medium or large). The Nordic recliner is available in both Medium and Large Seats. This allows you to have the option to decide which size you sit most comfortably.

Stressless- Blue LogoAt the beginning of every new season, we at Unwind being to wonder and speculate at what Ekornes is going to do next to stay ahead of anything else that might consider itself the competition. They are beyond the genius level. They offer new promotions and sales. They offer new colors. They create new upholstery options and fabrics. They introduce new models and new configurations of older models. There is literally an Ekornes furniture item available that can suit almost anyone's tastes and decor. It can be configured in several different ways to accomodate even the most unusual circumstances. Not only that but their products carry an exclusive endorsement from the American Chiropractor's Association. If you would like to learn more about Ekornes, click here: Everything You Want to Know About Ekornes.

It is no surprise that Stressless Nordic Recliners by Ekornes carry an Exclusive Endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association.


There are already 4 different leather grades and 6 different fabric types to provide choices that suit every lifestyle and preference imagineable. The Cori Leather and Ultrasuede options will be available for these new Nordic Recliners, the Metropolitan & Panorama Sofas, and the Skyline and View Recliners. If you would like to learn more about the varying leather options, click here: Leather Descriptions and Explanations.

Our customer more frequently prefer leather. This is primarily due to its ease of cleaning. However, there are a number of folks who are able to provide a safe atmosphere for their Fabric Recliners and Sofas. For these folks, Ekornes provides 6 different ridiculously comfortable fabrics with a whopping 60+ colors. We find that Siena and Luna are among the most frequently ordered options. However, Dinamica has completely unique characteristics and the Verona option is a brand-new offering from 2014.

Fabric Choices offer a variety of colors from Ekornes

Out of the 12 fabric grades now available, 11 of them are lower priced than the leather choices. Stella, Ocean, Luna, Verona, & Siena Fabrics are all the lowest priced upholstery options for Stressless Recliners and Ekornes Furniture. The Dinamica Fabric is equal in price to the Batick Leather option. It also the most exclusive and plush fabric choice. 

Ekornes even puts out a specific Fabric Care Kit to ensure you have all the tools to care for and enjoy your stress free furniture for years to come! Many of the fabric options require a special order to Ekornes in Norway which averages about 90 days for delivery. However, our "immediate shipping" inventory is constantly changing. Drop us a line to see if your prefernce is available for immediate shipping. Often times, we can get in-stock items to anywhere in the continental United States in just a couple of days. We might also have some fabric options in stock in our Floor Model and Clearance Listings. Click here [Clearance Priced Stressless Recliners] or call 888-486-9463 and ask about our Clearance and Ekornes' Authorized Reductions Listings.

Nordic Large- Big on Comfort

This larger model is structurally similar to the Stressless Eagle Recliner with Ottoman (which is also a large model). It is a compact seat that leaves a minimal footprint in your room. The slight curvature at the headrest location provides an ample support for your head, neck and upper shoulder region. This is especially popular with customer that notice tension in their cervical vertebral region. Once you sit down in this model, you will be through wondering which is the most comfortable Stressless Recliner.

The actual Product Dimensions are:

Recliner: 33" Wide x 40.25" High x 31 Deep

Ottoman: 21.25" Wide x 15.75" High x 16" Deep

Stressless Nordic Recliner and Ottoman- Dimensions and Measurements at Unwind.

Warranty Information

10 Year Warranty by Ekornes on Internal Mechanisms

Additional Details

MSRP (Ekornes Retail Pricing):
*See Product Description for Promotions
Fabric (base price):
Batick Leather:
Paloma or Classic Leather:
Cori Leather:
Royalin Leather:

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