Ekornes Royalin Leather

Royalin Leather 095- Ekornes Furniture and Stressless Recliners

This is the most luxurious and premium of all leathers provided by Ekornes for their famous Stressless Recliners and Furniture. This hearty leather is soft and smooth. There is very little "correcting" done to these hides during manufacturing. You can frequently find visible natural marks. A very light surface treatment has been applied to ensure ease of cleaning. We also recommend using Hide Bracer Leather Conditioner to clean, condition, and protect your Ekornes' Leather for years to come!

Black Black Royalin Leather 09519
Dark Brown Dark Brown Royalin Leather 09522
Brown Royalin- Brown 09524
Mole Mole Royalin 09532
Tigereye Tigereye Royalin 09534
Rust Royalin Rust 09550
Amarone Amarone Royalin 09566

 Feel free to call our Customer Service Team Members at 888-486-9463. They have first-hand knowledge about Royalin leather and can help provide you with additional, in-depth information to assist you further in making a decision about your upholstery.