Himolla Cosyform

The Himolla Cosyform recliner line offers a built-in manual or electric footrest with a specially-designed armrest that moves with your body as you recline. This unique patented action caters especially well to those customers that struggle to find arm comfort in standard (albeit boring) chairs. The adjustable headrest helps to insure that your head and neck comfort matches that of your arms and legs.

In addition to the original Cosyform line is a new group referred to as the Fusion Collection. The Cosyform Fusion contemporary swivel models add a super-convenient, gas lift height-adjusting lever mechanism that helps to solve that age-old dilemma of chair height. After all, what good is a perfectly comfortable, back-healthy chair if it's at the wrong height for your body? Feet can't touch the floor, or are you sitting flat-footed? Problem solved- That's fantastic Fusion!

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