Stressless Warranty Information

Stressless Warranty Information
Here are the details for the manufacturer's warranty from Stressless:

10 Year Warranty on Internal Mechanism-

Stressless guarantees the internal mechanism and construction of its recliners and sofas for a period of 10 years from the date of initial delivery to the consumer. The 10 year guarantee covers the mechanical functions in the recliner/sofa and the internal framework of steel and/or wood, including the metal springs and gliding system. It does not cover damage to leather, woodwork or any faults or damage caused by the use of the product other than in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, as well as any faults or damage arising from any repairs made by any persons not authorized by the manufacturer. Some natural settlement and indention in the padding and foam is considered normal and is part of a break-in process.

5 Year Warranty on Base, Foam and Power Motors/Mechanisms-

The 5 year warranty covers the base for the chair and ottoman, including the swivel ring, gas lift, extensions as well as all foam and interior padding in the chair and ottoman. Also includes electronic parts and motor for Power mechanism and all accessories. Please note that some deformation and indention in padding is considered normal and is part of a break-in process. 

2 Year Warranty on Power Batteries-

The 2 year warranty covers the Ekornes guarantee on battery units on Stressless furniture for a period of 2 years from the date of initial delivery to the consumer. This guarantee only applies to the battery units offered by Stressless; use of 3rd party batteries with Stressless products will void the entire Stressless warranty.

1 Year Warranty on Leather or Fabric Upholstery-

The 1 year warranty covers the leather or fabric upholstery including stitching and zippered assemblies assuming that the product has been cared and maintained using Stressless approved guidelines for maintaining leather furniture.

*Important Warranty Information and Limitations

This warranty only protects you (and is only valid) when you purchase an Stressless® product from an authorized Stressless® retailer (e.g. The Unwind Company and

This warranty is only valid on product assembled by an authorized Stressless® retailer. You must have your original sales receipt/invoice to file a warranty claim with your purchasing Stressless® retailer (if no longer in business) then the closest Stressless® retailer in your area.

This warranty only applies when you have purchased Ekornes® furniture for your own normal indoor use.

This warranty does not cover floor samples or products designated "AS IS" at the time of purchase.

The Stressless warranty covers the cost and shipping of replacement parts. Stressless, The Unwind Company or LLC is not responsible for any other costs incurred while repairing the product, including but not limited to service/repair charges.