Elevator Rings

Ekornes Stressless Elevator Rings are designed exclusively for Stressless recliners and add either 1.3 inches with one, or greater than 2.6" with two (stacked with the optional elevator ring connector kit). No parts or tools are typically needed for installation. You simply slide your Stressless recliner right on top of the ring and it will "lock" into place (on Classic base models). You can rest assured the recliner is connected to the ring as there will be a noticeable "click" once connected.

Many of our older customers find that adding 1 or 2 Ekornes Elevator Rings makes it much easier to get out of the chair, by eliminating some of the natural stress that occurs to the knees when lifting yourself from a sitting position.

Need to raise your feet instead? Order the Ekornes Ottoman Elevator ring. This works the same as the Ekornes elevator ring for Stressless chairs, but simply slides under your matching leg ottoman instead. It will remain attached and secure as the Black Plastic Pad Feet on the ottoman base wil slide snugly into pre-set holes in the ottoman ring.

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