Himolla EasySwing

Back-healthy comfort and relaxation is certainly a tune worth pursuing in your daily life. Start with an adjustable headrest for excellent head and neck support. The EasySwing recliner series offers user-definable components to allow you to tweak them to perfectly match your specific body type. These popular recliners are available in a wide variety of leather and fabric options and a size to fit just about anyone. You're also sure to love the wide variety of base configuration and wood stain options. The EasySwing Series lives up to its name- So let the finger-snapping begin as you drift off to a relaxing state of yesteryear.

The EasySwing models are available in either powered or manual versions. The optional power packs for the electric models are super handy and allow the chair to operate without cords, which means the chair can sit comfortably in any room, without the mess that typically comes from exposed cords extending from AC wall outlets.

For our European customers, there are also lift models available to safely raise you from your sitting position (hopefully available in the U.S. soon). Let the EasySwing recliners spoil you in back-healthy comfort. Just sit back, close your eyes and drift off with the ultimate in relaxation.

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