Feel The Savings with a Free Leather Upgrade at Unwind.

Feel The Savings with a Free Leather Upgrade at Unwind.

Published by Lee L. - (Your Leather Liaison) on 23rd Feb 2016

Sadly, the Leather Upgrade Promotion Has Now Ended. We Still have 100's of other great Stressless deals available!

The money-saving Stressless Leather Upgrade Promotion started February 5th and runs through March 21, 2016. Not only is this sale a great way to save instantly but you can also enjoy your beautiful new furniture sooner with our Quick and Easy Shipping Methods when you choose to shop at Unwind.

2016 Free Leather Upgrade Promotion of Stressless Furniture by Ekornes of Norway.

Here's how it works: Enjoy a Free Upgrade from our introductory Fabric Pricing to our Batick Leather - OR - from our Batick Leather to our incredibly popular Paloma Leather - OR - upgrade from the soft Paloma Leather to the Cori Grade Leathers - OR go to the top from Cori Leathers to luxurious Royalin Grade Leathers. If you prefer Fabric, you can receive $100 off the regular pricing for these selections. (This includes Karma, Crocus, Flora, Molli, Terra, Verona, Ocean, Calido, Umbra, Iris, Silva, Luna, Siena, Dinamica, & Ultrasuede upholsteries.)

What this means: Choose your preferred Fabric or Leather Upholstery and enjoy an instantly discounted price. You choose your upholstery option and you only pay for the grade below it.

As always, we strongly recommend ordering early in the promotion while our quick-shipping inventory levels are at their highest. We continually strive to make the shopping process as simple as possible. This is why we have built in the Discounted Promotional Pricing automatically. If you aren't sure about a price, feel to drop us a line at 888-486-9463 or click the "Pricing Information" tab near the top of this page to see all pricing levels for the model.

Let's take a look at the best savings in the house: Now is the best time to get Royalin Grade Leather for your beautiful new Ekornes Furniture items and Stressless Recliners. The average savings per model can be up to $500. A couple of models can even save you a little more. Call our Customer Service Team for more details. Royalin leather is the most exquisite and flawless leather tanned by Ekornes. Ekornes collects their leathers from tanneries in Brazil and parts of Europe. Royalin is soft and supple. It has a natural glow to it. Some might even say that 2 chairs, one in a basic leather and one in Royalin, might feel completely different. The Royalin might be perceived as being more comfortable due to its softness, vibrance, and natural state. During the tanning process, Royalin Leather is treated and altered the least of all the leather grade offered by Ekornes. They specifically use hides that are without flaw or defect so there is no need for correction or surface altering. Stop by one of our stores and ask to feel a sample of Royalin Leather. I guarantee you will love it.

Another fantastic way to maximize the savings under this promotion: Combine the Paloma Special Pricing Colors with the Free Leather upgrade on your favorite sofas that have Paloma Special Pricng. This gets the absolute lowest pricing available for Paloma Leather. This grade, Paloma, is one of the best-selling grades due to its soft and smooth texture. Let's see what the savings look like on a popular sofa: The Liberty High Back 3 Seat Sofa is incredibly popular in Paloma leather. If you choose one of the four special priced Paloma Leather colors, the two promotions will save you $1500 instantly off the regular Paloma Leather Option pricing. (The Paloma Special Price save you $900 and the Leather Upgrade Promotion takes another $600 off the regular price.) Choose White Glove Delivery and enjoy the most convenient and back-friendly delivery option around.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this humble blog. We appreciate your continued support and friendship of The Unwind Company. We do our very best to treat you like family and go above and beyond to ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction at every opportunity. If you have questions on how to order, see below:

Would you prefer to order online? Ordering online is always easy and secure at The Unwind Company. 

Here’s how to participate & checkout online, during the Free Leather Upgrade promotion period:

  1. Visit the desired Stressless Recliner or Ekornes Furniture product page.
  2. Select the Stressless recliner, office chair, sofa or sectional that fits you best.
  3. Choose your preferred leather type and color by selecting from the small color swatches underneath the desired leather type. Then choose from the 7 beautiful wood stains. Typically, we have all stains in stock.
  4. The Promotion Pricing is displayed automatically (it's displayed next to the product images, top of page).
  5. Now simply scroll down the page and click the “Add to shopping bag” button.
  6. Click the "Proceed to Checkout" button, or the “Cart” button at the top right of the page.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll be relaxing in your new Stressless Recliner very quickly.

Have Questions or Prefer to order via phone? Drop us a line at 888-486-9463 or 1-601-932-5111 (Internationally)

Thanks again for reading. Stay tuned later this week. We are going to be publishing some exciting new changes to the already wonderful Ekornes' Furniture Line. These include new additions to the family, modifications to existing items, and new color introductions.

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Until next time... Stay comfortable my friends!