Osaki Titan Massage Chair Sale at The Unwind Company

Osaki Titan Massage Chair Sale at The Unwind Company

Published by Lee L. - (Your Maitre D' of Massage Chairs) on 12th Oct 2015

Now is a great time to save.

Our instant discounts and sizzling sales on Osaki, Titan, & Apex Brand Massage Chairs are guaranteed to save you the most. 

Osaki Brand Massage Chairs on Sale Now.

For a limited time only, 6 of our best-selling and most comfortable massage chairs are now on sale. Take advantage of our Massage Chair Sales and Discounts and our excellent Shipping and Delivery Options.

We always guarantee the lowest authorized prices and the highest levels of Customer Service. Right now, you can save the most $$$ with our extra special deals on some of the most popular Osaki, Titan, & Apex Massage Recliner Chairs. These models already come with instant coupons from the manufacturer and we just lowered their prices even further! This an Inventory Clearance Sale. We need to make room. Hurry. Don't wait. This sale is only going on as long as supplies last.

Osaki OS-3000 Chiro$2,595.00

Titan TI-7700R$2,995.00

Titan TI-8700$2,995.00

Titan Pro 8300$3,995.00

Titan Pro Alpine$6,995.00

Apex Pro Lotus$4,995.00

Our prices are too low to advertise online. Call 888-486-9463 for special pricing. Don't forget to ask about our Free Shipping and Delivery Options while you are chatting with our Customer Service Team. 

These amazing models feature a wide variety of functions and relaxation features. They include heat elements, computerized body scans, L-Track Massagers, air bag compression massage, multiple massage styles including shiatsu, vibration functions, S-Track Massagers, easy to use remote controls, and much more. These are truly some of the best massage chair and recliners available today.

There's no promo codes needed. No need to cut coupons and browse clearance listings. Just give us call at 888-4-UNWIND during normal business hours of 8am - 5pm CST. We can place your order and have your massage chair shipped out within 1-2 business days of ordering. The best part of ordering from Unwind is once you complete your order with our Customer Service Team, you can sit back and relax. We use the quickest and most secure shipping methods available. Let our team deliver your new Osaki Titan Massage Chair, assemble and set it up, and then take away the packaging and mess when we leave. There's never been a better time to get prices this low on these models.

I just wanted to put out the word as quickly as possible so you won't miss any discounts & savings on these healthy furniture items.

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Until next time... Stay comfortable my friends!