Stressless Comfort Plus Promo

Stressless Comfort Plus Promo

Published by Lee L. on 15th Apr 2014

Comfort Plus Promotion - Get Stressless Recliners on sale or Free Accessories!Stressless Sale - Free Accessory Promotion

Unfortunately, the 2014 Comfort Plus Promo has expired. 

Are you looking for Stressless items on sale? Look no further. All orders placed between April 18 - June 16, 2014 are eligible for big savings on Stressless recliners, Sofas and Ekornes Furniture. This is one of the best sales offered in 2014 for Ekornes products.

1. When you purchase a Stressless Recliner or Stressless Office Chair - Choose a Free Accessory. This includes: Swing Tables, Personal Tables, Ellipse Tables, Corner Tables or Elevator Ring Sets.

2. When you purchase a Stressless Sofa or Ekornes Collection Seating Unit - Choose a Free Accessory. This includes: Ellipse Tables or Corner Tables (The other accessories are not compatible with sofas/love seats).

3. When you purchase a Small SunriseMedium Sunrise Recliner, or Large Stressless Sunrise in Paloma Leather - Receive an instant $300 discount or Choose one of the Free Accessories. These cannot be combined. 

4. Order a Stressless Jazz or Blues Recliner - Choose one of the previously mentioned Free Accessories or select the Jazz Corner Table for free! (Please note the Jazz Corner Table is only available as a Free Promotional Item with a Jazz or Blues Recliner.) 

5. Purchase a Stressless Sectional or Home Theater Group consisting of 3 Seating Units and be eligible to receive up to 3 Free Ekornes Stressless Accessories. E.g. a Stressless Space Sectional consisting of a Space Loveseat, Big Corner, & Space 3 Seat Sofa is eligible for multiple Free Accessories because it consists of multiple seating units.

We strive daily to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction. We truly want to help you save money on Stressless Recliners and Ekornes Furniture. If you would like to speak with someone from our Customer Service Team about this promotion and have them explain the savings offered, call (888) 486-9463.

Just to highlight how much you can save during this promotion check out the chart below. You can search for any of these items on our website by typing their name into the Search Bar on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Accessory/ItemRegular PricePromotional PriceYou save:
Swing Table$195.00Free with purchase of Recliner/Office Chair$195.00
Personal Table$595.00Free with purchase of Recliner/Office Chair$595.00
Ellipse Table
$495.00Free with purchase of Recliner/Office Chair/Furniture$495.00
Corner Table$495.00Free with purchase of Recliner/Office Chair/Furniture$495.00
Small Elevator Ring Set$305.00Free with purchase of Recliner$305.00
Medium Elevator Ring Set$330.00Free with purchase of Recliner$330.00
Large Elevator Ring Set$355.00Free with purchase of Recliner$355.00
Jazz Corner Table$895.00Free with purchase of Jazz/Blues Recliner$895.00

We appreciate you taking the time to read our post and for your interest in The Unwind Company. 

We want to help you Relax and Unwind. Give us a call at 888-486-9463 or chat with us online Live Customer Support if you have any questions or just want to talk about the many wonderful products available from Stressless by Ekornes.