Ekornes Paloma Leather Grade

Ekornes Paloma Leather Grade 094

The Paloma level leather is quite possible the most popular option. It is incredibly smooth and supple. The texture of this leather has been corrected to ensure a uniform appearance and to remove most of the natural markings. The hide is "through-dyed". This is a more environmentally friendly approach to upholstery dying and reduces the instances of color fading. A combination of dyes and pigments provide a rich, "multi-tonal" effect that effectively demonstrates a range of colors through highlights and lowlights. This is the preferred choice for most because of its soft texture, range of colors, and its breathability.

Khaki Khaki Paloma Leather for Ekornes Furniture 09404
Stone Stone Paloma Leather 09406
Light Grey Light Grey Paloma Leather for Stressless Furniture 09415
Oxford Blue Oxford Blue Paloma Leather for Ekornes Furniture 09418
Black Black Paloma Leather 09419
Sand Sand Leather by Ekornes- Paloma 09421
Brown Paloma Brown- Ekornes Leather 09424
Pearl Paloma Leather- Pearl 09425
New Forest Paloma Leather- New Forest 09429
Kitt Paloma Leather- Kitt 09432
Chocolate Chocolate Paloma- an Ekornes' Best Seller 09434
Mocca Paloma Leather- Mocca 09435
Brandy Brandy Paloma Leather 09446
Clementine Clementine Orange Paloma Leather 09456
Cherry Cherry Paloma Leather- an Ekornes' best seller 09458
Tomato New Tomato Paloma Leather by Ekornes- 09461
Indigo Indigo Paloma Leather by Ekornes 09474
Rock  Rock Paloma Leather 09480
Taupe  Taupe Paloma Leather 09484
Camel Camel Paloma Leather 09487
Aqua Green Aqua Green Paloma Leather 09492
Green Green Paloma Leather 09490
Tan Tan Paloma 09423
Lilac Lilac Paloma Leather 09468
Cognac Cognac Paloma Leather 09441
Chili Red Chili Red Paloma Leather 09462
Funghi Funghi Paloma Leather 094-03
Vanilla Vanilla Paloma Grade Leather 094-14
Copper Copper Paloma Leather 094-42
Summer Green Summer Green Paloma Leather 094-91
Sparrow Blue Sparrow Blue Paloma Leather 094-71
Henna Henna Paloma Grade Leather 094-01
Beige Beige Paloma Leather 094-20
Metal Grey Metal Grey Paloma Leather 094-16
Olive Olive Paloma Leather 09494
Chestnut paloma-09488-chestnutpreviewlarge.jpg
 Apricot Orange apricot-orange-paloma-swatch.jpg 
Amber Green amber-green-paloma-large-swatch.jpg
 Beet Red beet-red-paloma-large-swatch.jpg 
Dusty Rose  dusty-rose-paloma-large-swatch.jpg
Purple Plum purple-plum-paloma-large-swatch.jpg


Have questions about which leather you need? Drop our Customer Service Team a line at 888-486-9463. They can help coordinate design and assist you in determining which leather grade will suit you best.