Fjords Alfa 520 Large Recliner- C Style Base

This model is no longer available for purchase. Please Call 888-486-9463 for similar models available.

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C Base No Longer Available


Fjords of Hjellegjerde Alfa 520 Large Recliner- C Style Base 

Fjords of Hjellegjerde proudly brings you some of the finest Scandinavian Recliner Chairs. Not only are these chairs beautiful but they are incredibly comfortable. The Active Release system and the ergonomic design ensures that your cervical and lumber regions are properly supported as you sit back and relax. You get home from a stress-filled day and sit down in your Stress Relieving Norwegian Recliner and within moments, you can feel your pain lessen and lessen. Your body will relax and your muscless will release their tension as the chair's engineered supports target specific areas to support and comfort.

Our dedicated team of Fjords Product Specialists are standing by at 888-486-9463 during normal business hours to help connect you with the recliners and relaxation products that will help erase stress and pain from your day. Our team is not only knowledgeable and experienced but they are defined by their dedication to providing exemplary Customer Service throughout the shopping and buying process and throughout the lifespan of your Fjords and Hjellegjerde Furniture.

Approximate Product Dimensions:

Recliner: Width: 32.25" Height: 40" Depth: 34.25" Seat depth: 20" Seat Height: 17.75" 

Footstool: Width: 19.5" Height: 16.5" Depth: 18.75"


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