Caring For Your Leather Furniture Is Easy!

Caring For Your Leather Furniture Is Easy!

Published by Tarin on 4th Apr 2022

Caring for your leather is easy and will insure that your home keeps that new furniture glow for years! Conditioning your furniture twice a year, dusting regularly, and vacuuming crevices are just a few examples. These steps are quick and easy and will help prevent your new sofa or recliner from aging, fading, and peeling.

     Preventing the "aged" look in your new sofa is very easy. One of the first things to keep in mind is placement. Just like your skin, you do not want to place leather in direct sunlight all day. Its fine to be by a window where the sunlight comes thru at times, but direct sunlight for long periods of time can increase the chances of your leather drying out. Keeping some space between your furniture and fireplaces, air conditioning vents and heaters will also help.

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     Another important step is leather conditioning. This is a very easy step to follow because it only needs to be done twice a year! Choose a good leather conditioner, dab a small amount on a dry paper towel, and lightly apply it to the surface of the leather. The idea is to cover the entire surface without getting it to moist. Doing this twice a year will greatly increase your leathers odds of looking brand new for years.

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     Dust can dry your leather out, and give it a faded look. Dusting your new furniture should become a part of your regular cleaning. Avoid using any chemicals not specifically designed for leather. A micro fiber towel is best, but a paper towel will do. Lightly dust the surface of the leather making sure not to apply to must pressure. Use a small amount of water if needed. It is also important to vacuum the crevices of the furniture. Be very gentle, making sure not to scrape the leather. Putting the leather in a reclined position, and having someone separate the cushions for you can help. Following these steps to prevent dust from building up is very important to keeping your leather in pristine condition.

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     As you can see, none of these tasks are very difficult to perform. A biannual conditioning, and quick dusting from time to time will go a long way in protecting your new furniture. Choosing the perfect spot in your home, and vacuuming crevices to prevent build up are also important. Doing all of these things will insure that your living room looks brand new for years to come!

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