Fjords Swing Relaxers- Which Size fits you best?

Fjords Swing Relaxers- Which Size fits you best?

Published by Lee L. - (your Swing Relaxer super fan) on 23rd Jun 2015

Ultra-Comfortable, Stylish, High-Quality... These are just a few words we commonly use to describe the Swing Relaxer line by Fjords of Hjellegjerde at The Unwind Company. The Swing Relaxers come in a variety of looks, styles, and comfort patterns. There are even a couple of models that provide 2 different sizes (The Oslo and The Ulstein). This is one more way you can be sure to get the most comfortable Norwegian Recliner to fit your body.

The Swing Relaxers have grown in popularity every year. The Fjords Ulstein and Madrid series are now available in a Loveseat, Sofa, and Theater Seating Configuration. These beautiful Scandinavian Recliner Chairs are even stocked in some beautiful, real leather options. Call 888-486-9463 for details or to place an order immediately.

Swing Relaxers- New levels of Comfort by Fjords of Norway's Hjellegjerde.

Let's highlight some of the fabulous features that set the Relaxer apart from any other chair that might consider itself competition.

1. Norwegian Craftsmanship means that a standard, 10-Year Guarantee is provided by the manufacturer at no additional cost. You know Fjords is confident in their product if they will stand by it for a decade. You also know that we are confident these healthy recliner chairs will improve your living because we service the warranties at no additional cost to you. Just call or chat with one of our Fjords Specialists to learn more.

2. The attached footrest remains easily hidden and out of the way until you need to use it. Either flip a lever using 1 finger or press a single button for the electric models and your footrest will appear and instantly begin supporting your legs and helping you recline and relax. You can truly unwind and relieve the stress of the day in a Fjords Swing Relaxer.

3. The 360º swivel function allows you to access anything, from any side. Once you release the footrest, the chair will securely lock into place to prevent any unwanted "swiveling' while your feet are up and you are relaxing even more.

4. The 100% Premium Top-Grain Leather Upholstery ensures that your Fjords Relaxer Chair will look beautiful for years to come. A simple conditioning 1-2x annually will ensure that the leather remains moisturized, resistant to dirt and spills, and prevents any premature or unwanted wear. Another beautiful thing about real leather is that with age you will notice a beautiful sheen or patina forms over the years, adding further character to your comfortable recliner.

We have included a handy list of dimensions for each Swing Relaxer model currently available by Fjords of Hjellegjerde. These measurements are measured from the outer most edge to the opposite, outer most edge. I.e. Width = the distance in inches from the outside edge of the left armrest directly across to the outside of the right armrest. These measurement are not only useful to assist you in determining which model will fit you the best but also at determining how much area will be required in your room by these Norwegian Recliner Chairs. Typically, we recommend visiting one of our local retail stores to take the different models for a test drive so you can really feel the difference the lumbar support, active release neck/shoulder support, and the Scandinavian engineering can make to your comfort and your back. For a list of available stores near you, please feel free to drop us a line at 888-486-9463.

SWING RELAXER DIMENSIONS (All measurements are in inches.)
Small Oslo Relaxer- Powered Version
SMALL OSLO: Manual or Electric Version

W: 30.5" H: 39.5" D:34.5" SH: 19.75" SD: 22"

Large Oslo Relaxer by Fjords- Powered Version
LARGE OSLO: Manual or Electric Version

W: 32.25" H: 39.5" D:35.5" SH: 19.75" SD: 22.5"

Ulstein Powered Relaxer by Fjords- Small Size
SMALL ULSTEIN: Manual or Electric Version
W: 32.5" H: 39.5” D: 34” SH: 18” SD: 20”
Ulstein Powered Relaxer by Fjords- Large Size
LARGE ULSTEIN: Manual or Electric Version
W: 33.5” H: 40.5" D: 34.5 SH: 18.75" SD: 20.75"
Fjords Atlantis Relaxer with Power- Order here.
ATLANTIS: Manual or Electric Version
W: 31.75" H: 41.75" D: 37.5" SH: 20" SD: 23.25"
Norddal Manual Swing Relaxer- Order Here.
NORDDAL: Manual or Electric Version
W: 32.5" H: 39.75" D: 37.34" SH: 18.75" SD: 21.25"
Manual Urke Swing Relaxer by Fjords
URKE: Manual or Electric Version
W: 32.25” H: 41.75" D: 35" SH: 19.25" SD: 21.5"
Fjords Madrid Manual Relaxer- Order here.
MADRID: Manual or Electric Version
W: 32.75" H: 41.75" D: 36.5" SH: 19" SD: 23.25"
Small Stockholm Fjords Swing Relaxer
SMALL STOCKHOLM: Manual or Electric Version
W: 33.25" H: 41" D: 37" SH: 18.75" SD: 20.5"
Large Stockholm Fjords Swing Relaxer
LARGE STOCKHOLM: Manual or Electric Version
W: 34" H: 45" D: 38.25" SH: 18.75" SD: 21.5"
Fjords Alfa 520 Swing Relaxer- Order Here.
Alfa 520: Manual or Electric Version
W: 35.75" H: 41.75" D: 37.5" SH: 20" SD: 23.25"
Fjords London Relaxer- Manual Version
LONDON: Manual or Electric Version
W: 35.75” H: 42.5" D: 33.5" SH: 19" SD: 22.25"

Our primary goal is to help improve your living. Back-Healthy Furniture and a Stress-Free Shopping experience are only the beginning to ways we can help you relax and unwind in your own home or office. We diligently maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau to demonstrate our commitment to providing exemplary service every step of the way. We also keep our staff regularly updated and trained on all of the latest in healthy living, comfort technology, and brand specialty information. This way you aren't just shopping for an item, you are working with a dedicated expert towards a more comfortable version of yourself. Please don't hesitate to visit us when you are in town, chat online nearly 24/7 or drop us a line at 888-486-9463 during normal business hours.

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