My real-life experience with the new 180bed

My real-life experience with the new 180bed

Published by Aaron A. on 1st May 2016

I recently received the new 180bed (queen size) online from Disclosure: I received special pricing in return for agreeing to review and post my honest assessment. This article was reposted with my permission.

1) First impression- Ordering was a breeze and I was very pleased with the delivery timeline. When it arrived, I had my doubts about whether or not there would be folds or crease lines due to the small dimensions of the box it was packaged in. However, when I got it unwrapped, it began to unfold and take form immediately, and within a few hours, I couldn’t even tell it arrived in a box. 

While the mattress was unfolding, I couldn't help but notice the beautifully-detailed, soft removable covering. I replaced my Scandinavian Sleep System mattress (which cost about 3 times as much as my new 180bed when purchased). I was pretty impressed that the 180bed was as "polished" as my Scandinavian bed that had been produced for many, many years.  I expected to get something nice, but for such an affordable price I had my doubts on how it would compare to some of the other memory foam mattresses I had tried in stores. Those doubts have been put to sleep, so to speak, and I am so glad I invested in my 180 bed!

2) The unboxing- The unboxing of the 180bed was surprisingly easy, and actually somewhat fun! I got a real kick out of watching it grow, almost like those little dinosaur washcloths that expand when you add water to them! Although the website claims it should take a few hours to expand completely, I found myself really having trouble locating any signs that the mattress came in a box after just an hour or so. The top of the 180bed is unbelievably soft, while still providing the support expected from a condensed multi-layer, foam mattress. 

3) First night with the 180 bed- When I first collapsed onto the 180bed, I was overwhelmed with the wonderful “new car” smell it had. It had an aromatic scent that was so much better than I expected from something that came out of a box. I know it sounds weird to be so excited about the smell of a bed, but it really was great! After I got over my excitement of having a fresh smelling new bed, I began to roll around, eventually ending up in a starfish like position, basking in the glorious feel of my new bed. Now I will admit that part of the joy was coming from the fact that my prior bed was a twin size, so all the new space was very welcomed. That aside however, I really was in love with the feel of the mattress. It was extremely soft to the touch, so much so that I was tempted to not even put sheets on it! It was slightly less firm than the Scandinavian Sleep System pillow top memory foam bed I had been using, but still provided plenty of support. I quickly found myself yawning, and ended up cutting my nightly social media binge short and drifting to sleep, phone in hand. Overall I am astonished at how much I love this bed.

4) Conclusion- I would not recommend this mattress for anyone who has to get out of bed early on a consistent basis (did I mention that I'm a college student and still have a bit of control of my morning schedule?). After purchasing my 180bed, I find myself making every excuse possible to hit the snooze button one more time. Even my dog dreads the part of the morning when I have to pull her out of it for a walk. In all honesty, the bed is wonderful. I look forward to going to bed every night, and dread the thought of waking up every morning. For the price (maybe even 2-3 times it), you really cant beat the 180bed!