Save $500 on Stressless Wing Recliners in all Paloma colors

Save $500 on Stressless Wing Recliners in all Paloma colors

Published by Maya on 6th Jun 2019

Have you been considering the purchase of a Stressless Wing Recliner? Now might just be the perfect time. Because from May 21st to June 17th you can receive $500 off a Stressless Wing recliner and ottoman (in Pioneer and Paloma leather colors). 

 Stressless Wing- Signature Series Base

Stressless Wing Recliner with Classic Base

 Stressless Wing LegComfort Recliner

The Stressless Wing recliner is a popular recliner and ottoman built by Ekornes in Norway. Customers that select the Wing often say that the reason they chose this model is that they like the more traditional styling and simplistic lines (of course they may use slightly different terminology). Customers say that the Wing recliner sits more firm than the Stressless Mayfair (another popular Stressless chair model), but is more cushy than the Stressless Consul recliner.

The Wing Promotion is available with 3 different base options:

1. The Signature Series base- Now just a few years old, you'll recognize this base by its mixed stainless steel supports that are attached to a wood-stained ring. This base tends to give the chair and ottoman a more modern look. It also includes a feature that allows the recliner to "rock" slightly with a standard rocking motion. We wouldn't classify this as a "rocking chair," but this feature is pretty slick.

2. The "Classic" Stressless base- This traditional-looking wooden base has the familiar curve that has been a customer favorite for many years. The included "classic" ottoman pivots with your legs as you recline, which offers great leg and foot support. It can also be "locked" into a stationary position so that the ottoman can be used as a sitting stool.

3. The Leg Comfort base- The newest base addition to the Stressless recliner lineup. Instead of a separate leg/foot ottoman, it includes a motorized, extending footrest that is controlled by 2 buttons on the seat cushion. This is an excellent choice for those with limited space for their recliner.

So grab a relaxing deal on a Stressless Wing Recliner from You'll be soaring to new heights of comfort!

*Also save on the Ekornes Oslo and Manhattan sofa and love-seat (in pioneer leather only). The Oslo/ Manhattan sofa, love seat and chair are available at special Paloma pricing.

So keep smiling and stay comfortable my friends!