Ekornes Stressless Paradise Medium- Low-Back Loveseat

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The Paradise Medium is no longer available. Please take a look at the popular Stressless Paradise large.


Introducing the beautiful Ekornes Paradise Medium Low-back Loveseat

With a soft, smooth finish and superior comfort sections, the Ekornes Paradise Loveseat will support your body like no other sofa. If you are aching to remove daily discomfort and pain in your back or body, you need the Ekornes Paradise on your side (or is that back?). Looking to make your media or home theater room as comfortable and stylish as possible? Checkout the Paradise Sofa Sectionals- True relaxation is coming to a living room near you.

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The Ekornes Sofa- Stressless Paradise Loveseat (medium size) can be customized using the pull-down menu's above. Choose White Glove Delivery in the Continental U.S.

Like its other relatives in the Stressless Paradise sofa line from Ekornes (the Stressless Paradise Large Low Back, and the roomy, neck-supporting Stressless Paradise Large High Back, the Stressless Paradise Medium Low Back Loveseat is smooth, perfectly cushioned and extremely comfortable. It's a great addition to a beautiful Stressless Paradise 3-Seat Sofa, or for standing on its own- Depending on the amount of available space in your room.

Stressless by Ekornes is one of the most famous comfort furniture brands worldwide, and is manufactured in Norway. Stressless loveseats and sofas have been manufactured for nearly 20 years and Ekornes is constantly working on improving every detail of the Ekornes Sofa and Stressless Furniture line. Take the Comfort test at the Unwind Back & Body Store and experience the difference a Stressless Sofa makes. The patended innovations are only found in Stressless furniture systems by Ekornes. Try the Ekornes loveseats, sofas and home theater seating that features all the Stressless product benefits.

Here are a few of the features that make the Stressless Paradise loveseat by Ekornes so supportive and comfortable without compromising on great looks and style-

The Stressless Paradise Loveseat includes the Stressless Glide System for constant comfort. Simply adjust the Stressless Glide wheels (located between the seats) to the setting that you desire. You can automatically shift to any seating position simply by using your body weight. The Glide system responds quickly and smoothly to your body movements.

The Stressless Plus System by Ekornes
The Ekornes Paradise Loveseat would not be a Stressless Sofa without the inclusion of the Stressless Plus System, which automatically provides correct support for your head and lumbar area in all positions. Like Stressless Recliners, lower back support adjusts in parallel with the headrest, so you can enjoy perfect support, whether you are sitting in an upright or reclining position. The headrest adjusts automatically, so you can read and watch TV even in a reclined position. You can also adjust the headrest with a simple hand movement to lie flat and relax.

Stressless Sofa's and Loveseats are available in two size groups
For example, the Stressless Eldorado Loveseat and the Stressless Granada Loveseat are the same in looks and style, but quite different in size. The Stressless Eldorado is narrower, to accommodate smaller living areas or even mobile environments, such as large boats, RV's or campers. As with other Stressless furniture, both sizes come with all the fantastic comfort features the world has come to expect from a Stressless sofa or recliner.

Matching, coordinated styles between Stressless Recliners and Ekornes Stressless Sofas
Most customers want their furniture coordinated to enhance a particular style and feel of their home. In the past, this has been difficult to accomplish without the help of a seasoned interior designer or other professional. The Stressless furniture line by Ekornes offers collections in a number of matching styles, that allow you to arrange your living area to suit your style and needs- the design and coordination has already been taken care of. Stressless by Ekornes combines the very best comfort with perfect style to match any decor.

Most Stressless Loveseats and Sofas are available in high-back and low-back versions
Depending on the intended use, choose a high-back loveseat and a low-back sofa, or vice versa, the choice is yours. We see many customers choose the high-back version for the family members that will be spending the most time in the sofa or loveseat. The low-back versions work best for guests or kids that might not be tall enough to appreciate the extra head and neck support of a high-back sofa. Regardless of which you prefer, all Stressless sofas come with the benefits of individually adjusting seats and the patented Plus System and Stressless Glide System to soothe your body. Choose the perfect combination for any sized living room or meeting space.

Need assistance in piecing together the perfect Stressless sofa and loveseat combination? Drop us a line at 1-888-486-9463 and speak with an Ekornes expert. We also have multimedia experts that can help you in designing your home theater seating, utilizing Stressless sectional and theater components.

Stressless Leather, Fabric and Wood Options
Ekornes loveseats, sofas and Stressless Recliners offer four types of leather and a number of fabrics to choose from, in a multitude of colors (see below). The Stressless base is made from European beech wood, and comes in a range of different finishes. You can experience quite a few leather and wood combinations at the Unwind Video Library. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is even more valuable. It allows us to focus on the individual furniture pieces, "up-close and personal." While we find color charts handy, nothing replaces being able to see the actual leather, fabrics and wood stains as they appear on your Stressless recliner or Ekornes Sofa.

Craftsmanship is Job #1 in Stressless Loveseat and Ekornes Furniture Production

Here's a glimpse as to why:
- Space-age injected cold-cured memory foam is molded directly over the steel frame, to cushion your back and body. This technique insures long-term foam performance and helps keep the frame and internal components secure.
- Another layer of soft memory foam is added for additional cushioning and comfort.
- Extremely soft Dacron fiber material cushions your body and insures an attractive look. 
- Durable steel frame and flexo spring mechanisms offer superior resilience and allow for years and years of continuous support. This enables one of the best warranties in the business
- The patented Plus System provides continuous support for the head and lower back. The double-sided mechanism insures maximum stability and unmatched functionality. 
- Genuine top-grain leather covers the entire seat and ottoman (no shortcuts here, as is popular on many competing furniture products) for a luxurious look and feel and consistent aging (aah, like a fine wine, some things do get better over time).
- Revolutionary Stressless Glide System allows you to automatically shift to any seating position by simply using your body weight.
- Beautiful, hardened two-stem base on Stressless Recliners adds superior stability (not to mention great looks).

When sitting in the Stressless Paradise Loveseat, customer's especially enjoy the soft comfort and rounded padding. It seems that no matter how you "wiggle," the Stressless Paradise loveseat is there to support you- perfectly.

Relax with the Ekornes 10 Year Warranty

Ekornes guarantees the internal mechanism of Stressless loveseats and Stressless recliners for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. The 10 year warranty covers the Plus System and the internal metal frame, including the metal springs and Stressless Glide System. It does not cover damage to the leather or woodwork or any faults or damage caused by the use of the product other than in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Of course it does not cover damage arising from any repairs made by folks not authorized by Ekornes. Please visit the Ekornes website or call 1-888-486-9463 for additional info.

Have questions or need additional information about the Stressless Paradise Loveseat or other Ekornes Sofas or Stressless Recliners? Please contact us at or at 1-888-4-UNWIND (888-486-9463). We're here to assist you with your Stressless Loveseat, Ekornes Sofa or other Soothing Back Product or Furniture purchase.

*Stressless and Ekornes are trademarks of Ekornes ASA - Norway.
The Unwind Company and the Unwind Back and Body Stores are authorized Retailers of Beautiful Ekornes Stressless Furniture, Recliners, Chairs and Accessories.

**White Glove Delivery is available to most locations in the continental (upper 48 states) U.S. If for any reason we are unable to deliver via this service, we will contact you prior to shipping your order to offer the very best options available (at no additional cost to you).



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