Fjords Metro Swing Relaxer large- Powered

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Being discontinued- Special order only and available through 12-31-21.


Fjords Metro Swing Relaxer Large- Powered from Unwind

The Fjords Metro Powered Swing Relaxer is a blend of style, comfort, and quality, that is truly unique and helps it stand out in a vast world of recliner options. The utmost important aspect of the design of the Fjords Metro Powered Swing Relaxer, is to deliver an exceptionally unique and stylish way to relax, while your neck and back is fully and comfortably supported. In fact, every Fjords Swing Relaxer has a Fjords Active Release system, which is built into the design. The Fjords Active Release system adds optimal support for your back and neck to help you truly unwind. 

Here are some of the key features that help make the Metro Swing Relaxer an amazing addition to any home. One of the most convenient, is the ability to recline with a simple push of a button. As the Relaxer reclines, the seat-back moves with your body, not against it, to insure maximum comfort and support for your neck and back. Also, the Fjords Metro is available in a small and a large size. This helps guarantee that you get a recliner that is the perfect size to fit you. Another key feature of the Fjords Metro is the ability to customize the sides of the swing Relaxer arms. Each of the armrests is covered with veneer wood. There are many wood stain colors to choose from (most are special order) which helps to insure that your beautiful new recliner will fit with any of your rooms decor.  

Fjords Swing Relaxers are designed with quality as a top priority. The Ten Year Warranty brings "peace of mind" and shows that Fjords is highly confident in the durability and life of each Swing Relaxer.  

Here are a few of the many features:

  • The ability to recline all the way to the true resting position with the simple push of a button. 

  • The wood stain veneer armrest sides add a splash of color and allow you to match your swing relaxer to your life.  

  • The Fjords Active Release System provides optimal Neck and Back Support.

  • The design is quite unique and refreshing. 

  • 10 year warranty on frame. See Fjords warranty information for additional details.

 Call 888-486-9463 to speak with a Fjords Furniture Specialist about the Fjords Metro Swing Relaxer. 


The Unwind Company maintains an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, with millions served. May we assist you as well? We'll always do our very best to get you taken care of- We guarantee it! We are dedicated to helping you truly relax and unwind. Bringing you high-quality, healthy furniture at the lowest prices allowed is truly a pleasure for us. Our commitment to Excellent Customer Service is simple: We treat you the way we would like to be treated. Our knowledgeable Customer Service Team has a wealth of product knowledge and a genuine passion for assisting our friends and customers in connecting with items that will help relieve stress.
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Warranty Information

Fjords Warranty service Provides the Ordering and shipping of replacements components as noted: - 10 Years for the metal frame and all steel mechanical functions- comfort, and Design. -5 Years for any wood, plastic, or foam components. -3 Years for Swing Relaxer mechanisms and power components. -2 Years on covers: a. This is not an unlimited warranty. b. For Fabric: this is a warranty against pilling or wear through only. c. For Leather: this is a warranty against wear through or tearing only. It does not warrant against soiling, especially soiling caused by sweat and other bodily fluids. d. It does not warrant against fade or color loss. - In almost every case, Fjords will replace or repair any component that has failed that is under warranty. Only in the most unusual of circumstances will they consider replacing the whole product. The option to replace the whole product rest solely upon Fjords..

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