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Himolla- The Language of Relaxation

Tucked in Europe, bordering some of the world's most beautiful places, including Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, France and Belgium, you'll find a real hidden jewel- Himolla of Germany.

Himolla is located about 30 miles outside of Munich, and has developed into one of Europe's largest upholstery manufacturers. They currently employ around 3000 of the hardest working folks you will find. They are quietly building around 1600 customer orders a day, which are shipped to more than 40 countries, including the U.S. Want to learn more about one of the crown jewels of Germany? See our About Himolla page here.

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Caring for the environment is extremely important to Himolla. They have won more national and European environmental awards than we can keep up with. It's hard to believe that the Himolla factory releases no pollutants into the environment. That's right, none! They recycle all plastics, foams and almost all other materials. If you swing by on a sunny day, you'll likely notice the large solar panels installed on the roofs of the factory. These panels generate a large part of the power needed to run the manufacturing facility. If we could only say this about every factory- The world would be an even more beautiful, pollution-free place! Thanks Himolla for doing your part- May others follow in your footsteps.

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