Marpac LifeSounds 440 Sound Machine for Infants and Others

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Marpac LifeSounds 440 Sound Machine for Infants, Babies, Toddlers and Small Children - The Unwind Company

Marpac LifeSounds 440 Sound Machine for Infants (works for any age)- Create a Soothing, Relaxing Atmosphere for your baby, toddler or anyone in need.

Recommended by leading pediatricians to help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The LifeSounds sound conditioner was designed to comfort infants and small children with a unique selection of natural sounds. LifeSounds incorporates both digital and synthesized sound technology to create a realistic and soothing assortment. The womb, heartbeat and lullaby selections are peaceful and comforting to infants, providing a secure feeling while masking out unwanted noise. Even irritable or colicky babies are soothed by these LifeSounds. Three other selections (surf, rain and brook) are perfect for children of all ages, making LifeSounds the one sound conditioner that grows with your child to provide calming sounds throughout his or her life.

Sleep Better with LifeSounds
Scientific studies dating back to the early 20th century have proven that children, as well as adults, go to sleep faster and sleep more deeply when exposed to natural environmental sounds. Research also demonstrates the calming effects these sounds can have on irritable and colicky babies. LifeSounds can be a real lifesaver for moms and dads (Grandparents too!)

The LifeSounds 440 is Portable
LifeSounds is small enough that it can be packed in a diaper bag or overnight bag, so it can travel when baby does. It can also operate on batteries (sold separately) to provide soothing "LifeSounds" in the car, motel room...anywhere you go! The optional 60 minute timer, with automatic shut-off, helps conserve batteries when traveling.

Marpac LifeSounds is Very Versatile
LifeSounds can be used to mask street noise, barking dogs, noisy neighbors, air traffic, even a snoring spouse. Take it to work to mask office sounds, conversations and manufacturing noise. The LifeSounds Sound Conditioner is the perfect way to bring peaceful sounds into a noisy world- Regardless of your age!

Over 40 years ago, the founder of Marpac developed the original Sound Screen¨ sound conditioner because he was having trouble sleeping. It worked so well, he made it available to his friends and family and ultimately the world. Today, the Sound Screen¨ is still the most economical, most popular sound conditioner on the market.

Marpac combines American ingenuity and craftsmanship to create lightweight, yet durable sound machine and sound therapy appliances capable of many years of reliable service. The nature sounds and womb sounds effectively mask unwanted noises and create a sense of calm, making it easier for your baby to relax or fall asleep.

We recommend the entire Marpac Sound Therapy or Sound Conditioner line for any restless sleepers, shift workers, infants, children, students, apartment dwellers, office workers (for confidentiality) and others. We offer the complete Marpac line, including International versions with dual voltage options. If you don't see the version you are looking for, please drop us a line at 1-888-486-9463 and we'll get you taken care of ASAP!


  • Sounds include:
    Womb- Digital recording of an actual ultrasound.
    Heartbeat- State-of-the-art technology provides the comforting sound of a mother's heartbeat.
    Lullaby- Classical guitar playing an original composition Lexie's Lullaby.
    Surf- Synthesized technology captures the soothing sound of rolling waves.
    Rain- Combines digital and synthesized technology to create the perfect sleeping environment.
    Brook- The gentle rhythmic sound of water tumbling through a cool mountain brook
  • Push button operation
  • LED selection indicators
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Compact and lightweight for travel
  • Battery Operable (4 "AA" batteries not included)
  • Optional 60-minute timer
  • Four inch speaker, for acoustic clarity
  • Solid state electronics
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the USA


Physical and Electrical Specifications:

Marpac LifeSounds 440

  • 7 1/2"L x 5 1/8"W x 2 3/4"HSIZE:
  • SPEAKER: 4 inch 8 ohms
  • WEIGHT: 1 lb. 8 oz (unpackaged)
  • MATERIAL: ABS Plastic
  • COLOR: Fog white with accent colors
  • ELECTRICAL: External wall mount transformer. Normal household current. 6 foot cord with 2.5 x 5.5 mm plug. Optional battery operation (requires 4 "AA" batteries, not included.)
  • POWER CORD: 6 feet long

Marpac Sound Conditioners- Customer/User Testimonials

"The Marpac Sound Conditioners are by far the best built, most reliable sound machines available. Unwind customers searching for an effective, long-lasting sound conditioner have been very pleased with their Marpac Sleep Mate or Sound Screen purchases." T.S., Unwind Back & Body Store., Brandon, MS

"I have owned one 15 years and Sleep Mate is the "Champion" of all sound machines." M.P., Lafayette, LA

"Been using a Sleep Mate since the early 1970's (maybe even late 1960's), Love them." K.B., Woodacre, CA

"Great and highly recommend to friends with new babies." G.E., Macon, GA

"Lifesaver! Have a 1 year old and 2 1/2 year old. Really helps when one is sleeping and one is not." R.M., Oak Harbor, WA

"I have had a Marpac Sleep Mate since I was born. After 24 years, it is still in excellent condition. I recently moved out of my parents' house so now I need one of my own. Thank you for a wonderful night's sleep!" K.M., Garden City, NY

"This is my third Sleep Mate, I used for my children, grandchildren, and now use for myself - A Great Sleep Aid!" J.W., Danville, VA

"We're self-employed and one of our businesses is a Day Care. We use Sleep Mate during naptime." J.K., Oklahoma City, OK

"I have saved many marriages from separate bedrooms by suggesting Sleep Mate for wives with snoring husbands." M.N., Birmingham, AL

"You've probably added 5 years to my life!" H.B., Brooklyn, NY

"Worth every penny! It works." C.W., Estacada, OR

"This makes me sleep like a baby in a very noisy neighborhood! Thanks!" P.G., Boulder, CO

"I think this product is the best product ever invented!" M.P., Kokomo, IN

"Every place we spend the night, we take our sleep machine - love it." L.G., Power Springs, GA

"I love this thing - it really works!" W.C., Bridgeport, OH

"Extremely effective device! Shift work becomes a breeze!" B.S., Elizabethton, TN

"Should be standard equipment in every motel and apartment! A real Godsend." S.E., Durham, NC

"Your Sound Conditioner made life good again - aprtment living is impossible without one." K.G., Norfolk, NE

"Thank you for your fine products. They are a great help to me in my daily life. Please don't ever stop making them!" M.O., Springfield, PA

"Family has numerous Marpac sound machines - excellent quality." R.S., Glen Allen, CA

"Your products are the best - lightweight, small, & portable. Great for home or travel." S.Y., Tulsa, OK

"Used it at night for the first time and it blocked out a party next door." I.B., Sarasota, FL

"Worth its weight in GOLD!" A.M., Gary, IN

"The best machine ever - absolute necessity for adequate rest. We are a flight crew & these are a blessing." L.J., Henderson, NV

Call 1-888-486-9463 (1-888-4-UNWIND) if you need assistance in selecting the correct Sound Therapy, Sound Screen or
Sleep Machine for your individual needs.

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