Are you ready to experience a new level of back-healthy comfort and relaxation? The Unwind Company has partnered with the world's most exquisite mattress manufacturer, Magniflex in Italy, to deliver a revolutionary sleep system that is likely to change the way you sleep forever!

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Magniflex is one of the most recognized mattress brands in the world, currently distributing to 98 different countries. At The Unwind Company we focus on delivering the world's most healthy, back-care products and furniture. The Magniflex mattress is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association and is our clear choice as the most back-healthy mattress you can buy- Anywhere. Take a look at the new highly acclaimed, award-winning MagniStretch Mattress. It is specifically engineered to stretch your body from head to toe as you sleep. "Turn out the lights" on neck and back pain- You might never wake up feeling stiff and achy again! 

You've got to try a Magniflex mattress- The sleep of a lifetime awaits...

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