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The Popular Motorized Octopus Head Massager from The Unwind Company- SOLD OUT AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

You'll Love the Motorized Octopus Head Massager
from The Unwind Company

Imagine 10 long fingernails gently melting away your stress. Now add batteries for the most stimulating and invigorating head massage ever!

Many believe that more than half of all illnesses are stress-related. With the Motorized Octopus Head Massager, instant stress relief and happiness is only a button press away!

This popular handheld head massager gently stimulates millions of nerve endings on the scalp as well as accupressure points that bring goose bumps from head to toe. The Motorized Octopus Head Massager has 10 bacteria-free copper fingers (bonded at the ends) and a smiling-octopus handle- They're absolutely hilarious and feel great!

You can turn the motor on for a thrilling sensation or use without the motor for a more gentle massage.

Two AA Batteries Are Required (not included).


The Motorized Octopus Head Massager is a real treat and makes a great gift- Don't forget to order one for yourself!

User Instructions:
Form the copper legs so that they surround the entire head. It helps to imagine shaping and spreading the copper legs over a round melon. Gently bend each leg in a "semi-circular" shape. The ends of each leg should be evenly spaced, facing down to the ground or acupressure points when holding the massager.

The Octopus Head Massager has a vibrating motor which allows you to choose the massaging mode: Either motorized for a strong, stimulating sensation, or in a more traditional, manual way, in the OFF position (unmotorized) for a gentle, soothing massage.

Turn on the motor (switch is on the back), place the wire tendrils all over the head and slowly drag them across the scalp (be careful to avoid the eyes). Graze the scalp lightly for maximum goosebumps or tighten the fingers for a deep massage.

Simple and satisfying- Try it on a loved one or friend!

Head Massagers are commonly used for:
1. Relieving stress and tension
2. Headache relief
3. Stimulating head circulation and nerve endings
4. Releasing endorphins
5. Having fun and spreading laughter and stimulation at parties and get-togethers


Individuals who have pacemakers, heart conditions or other internal disorders should avoid using massagers.

Use common sense. Watch out for eyes.

Five minute experiences offer the best results. Avoid using motorized massage for extended periods of time.



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