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Osaki OS-1000 Massage Chair

We guarantee the lowest prices allowed on all Osaki, Titan, and Apex Massage Chairs. The OS-1000 Massage Recliner is virtually bursting at the seams with the latest in comfort technology. Let us ship and deliver your new OS 1000 Chair at no additional cost to you. That's right, you pay for your chair and we will deliver it for free. These chairs are dreamt up, designed, and expertly engineered to maximize your comfort and the overall function of the chair itself. Osaki products are put through rigorous, heavy testing to ensure reliability and performance, day in and day out. Come and experience the Osaki difference and we guarantee you will be glad that you did!


- 5 Easy Pre Set Massaging Programs

- Multiple Massage Combinations

- Timed Settings Feature

- Computerized Body Scan

- 20 Air Bags for Air Bag Massaging

- 6 Automatic Programs

Osaki Massage Recliner Chairs are the perfect comfort solution for anyone suffering back pain, muscle soreness, anxiety, and many more conditions. These chairs are not only popular because they are fun and comfortable but also because they provide therapeutic levels of massage. They use a variety of professional massage techniques to address bodily comfort and muscle relaxation. Pair these techniques with customization options, premium luxury features, and much more and you end up with the best massage chairs available. Osaki, Titan, and Apex Massage chairs present amazing longevity when compared to similarly priced models. All models feature pre-set massage programs and manual feature controls. This means you can sit back, relax and enjoy a massage program or you can manually target and address specific areas of your body. Customization ensures that everyone can enjoy these massage chairs to the fullest.

Osaki Chairs utilize several types of professional techniques. These include: Shiatsu, Kneading, Rolling, Swedish, Tapping & more.

  • Shiatsu is one of the most widely known styles of massage therapy and is very popular. This style uses targeted pressure from robotic arms to mimic the hands and fingers of a human massage therapist. The arms target specific areas after the computerized body scan and trigger increases in blood flow by manual manipulation of the skin and muscles.
  • Kneading techniques are a bit more aggressive. It is especially designed to target areas with large, thick muscles. Osaki uses a Computerized Body Scan to begin each session to ensure this portion of your massage targets the correct areas. This maximizes comfort and therapeutic results. Strong movements with heavy palm-like pressure rub and manipulate the larger back muscles. 
  • Rolling Techniques are not quite as intense. This technique is commonly used on smaller muscles that do not require strong massage motions. It is also applied by using gentle and direct contact to the spine column. A smooth, consistent application of pressure from one end to the other allows your more sensitive muscles to be stimulated and activated without overwhelming them.
  • Swedish styles apply gentle-to-medium amounts of pressure in a directional method. This allows the massage to follow the natural pathway of bloodflow to your heart. This maximizes oxygenation and muscle fiber activation during massage. This type of massage does not target specific areas and is appropriate for many regions of your body. It is a general technique and suitable for more frequent use.

Osaki Brand Massage Recliners are the #1 choice for high-quality therapeutic massage at affordable levels. The Unwind Company is the #1 choice for high-quality, authorized retailers of Osaki, Titan and Apex chairs. We not only strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction at every oppportunity but also diligently maintain our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our Customer Service Team is not only enthusiastic about connecting you with relaxation and healthy lifestyle products you need but they are knowledgeable and experienced with all of our major brands. Personalized, secure, online shopping is realized at Call 888-486-9463 to learn more or chat with our Live Customer Support Team Online by clicking the blinking yellow button at the top of this page.

Product Dimensions:

H: 34" W: 30" D: 48"

Warranty Information

Standard 3 Year Warranty Included

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