Stressless Cori Leather

Stressless Cori Leather for Ekornes Furniture 091

Cori Leather is the new and improved Leather Grade from Ekornes. This durable and substantial leather is designed to resist a great deal of stressors and to provide a robust texture. Sit down in your favorite Stressless Recliner in Cori leather and you will now right away you are seated in a high-quality upholstery. Similar to Paloma Leather, this grade has also had some of the natural markings "corrected" to provide a primarily uniform surface appearance. 

The primary characteristics to Cori Leather are the pronounced texture and grain, the increased "tip shine", and the two-tone or "tone-on-tone" effect to some of the colors provided below:

Vanilla Stressless Vanilla Cori Leather 09102
Khaki Cori Leather 09104 Khaki
Mole Cori Leather Mole 09109
Black Black Cori Leather 09119
Beige Cori Beige Leather 09120
Tan Cori Leather Tan 09123
Fog Cori Leather by Ekornes- Fog 09137
Passion Cori Leather- Passion 09145
Mustard Mustard Cori Leather 09149
Amarone Amarone Cori Leather 09166
Blue Cori 09170 Blue- Ekornes Leather
Brown Stressless Cori Brown Leather 09185
Green Cori 09190 Green
Petrol Stressless Cori Petrol Leather by Ekornes 09193
Brick Red large-brick-red-cori-swatch.jpg
Silver Cloud  silver-cloud-cori-swatch-large-.jpg

Please call our Customer Support team at 888-486-9463. They are well-trained in our many products and the varying leather grades. They can provide you with first-hand information about the leather textures, colors and even assist you in determining which leather will suit you best.