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The Stressless Royal is Reborn, Now Updated to Deliver the Ultimate in Comfort-
Treat Your Body Like Royalty.

 Stressless Royal 50th Anniversary Chair and Ottoman

The Stressless Royal is Ekornes' longest selling model and last year they performed some aesthetic adjustments to further improve the retro design. The unmistakable comfort remains unwavering. Iconic curves and retro details dominate current furniture design, and the Stressless Royal delivers them both with the utmost in plushness. The design fits perfectly with the Original base and steel structure– Both clearly inspired by the very first Stressless Original recliner back in 1971.

Let's make this year a great one for relaxation and for furniture that actually serves a healthy purpose. Ekornes has reintroduced one of the most beloved Stressless recliners ever with the Stressless Royal Chair and Ottoman. If you've found yourself searching for a way to reduce neck pain, back pain and to relax like never before, you owe it to yourself to summon the comfort of the latest Royal recliner by Ekornes. The original Royal recliner was launched many, many years ago and became an instant success. The dense, ultra lush padding, traditional styling with pleating and comfort pockets, delivered a uniquely high-end recliner that "set the bar" that all other chairs were compared. We are so pleased that Ekornes has decided to "Welcome back the Royalty" with the new Stressless Royal 50th Anniversary Chair and Ottoman.

This model is available in one size (medium) but also comes in either a Standard Height base and ottoman, or a High base and ottoman.

You have likely seen these chairs in fine homes and living rooms, carrying a sophisticated elegance and never knew that hidden under that sumptuous, silky smooth leather was a Norwegian frame and components designed specifically to adapt and support your head, neck and body. Serving for 10, 20 or more years is all par for the course for the Royal recliners. We've always been super fond of the traditional models and are so thrilled that it has been reintroduced with the original, classic base. You can even select between polished aluminum or matte black base and ottoman finishes. Feel free to order online or drop our dedicated Ekornes Stressless brand specialists an email ( or call 888-486-9463 for additional details.

Royal 50th Anniversary Chair and Ottoman Model Selected

youtube-standard-logo-95x40.pngWant to view informative Ekornes Stressless videos to assist you in selecting the perfect Stressless Recliner?  Simply click the following link, select the search button (the magnifying glass on our YouTube page) and type the name of the Ekornes chair or Stressless furniture item that you would like to preview. You can also search by leather type & color to get a closeup view of most popular leather options.
Search and watch 100's of Stressless recliner videos at The Unwind Company YouTube site here.

Plump, rolling contours for comfort with exceptional lumbar, head, neck and leg support, make the Stressless Royal 50th Anniversary Recliner perfect for either king or queen. With a supportive, soft feel and a style indicative of the quality to which it was built, the Royal Signature recliner always treats its owners like royalty.

Like the other Royal siblings, the Stressless Royal Anniversary Edition is fit for either the King or Queen of the household (the Stressless Royal 50th Anniversary is only available in 1 size- Medium). Surprisingly, it is comfortable to most everyone that takes it for a test drive. We believe this is at least partly due to the plush, rolling contours that encompass the chair and seem to snuggly caress most body sizes and shapes.

Talk about classic style with a modern twist. The Stressless Royal looks as great as it feels. When you sit down, prop-up your feet and experience true Norwegian comfort, no other recliner will do. It's easily overlooked that the Ekornes Royal Recliner brings home the same back and neck-saving features that all Stressless Recliners and sofas are famous for throughout the world!

The Stressless Royal 50th Anniversary Recliner offers great comfort and support- especially to those who are medium to medium-large in size and weight. Have questions about which size would fit you best? Please contact us via phone (888-486-9463) chat, or email and we'll have you relaxing like never before in a new Stressless Royal by Ekornes of Norway. We invite you to grab a book, kick-up your feet and sit in the Ekornes Stressless Royal 50th Anniversary Recliner for a bit- You'll be glad you did- we guarantee it!

Here are a few of the features that make medium Stressless Royal Special Edition Recliners so supportive and comfortable without compromising on beauty and style:
- Patented Plus System which provides continuous support for your head and lower back.
- Stressless recliners relax your entire body by providing perfect balance and optimum support.
- With the Stressless Glide System, you can automatically shift to any seating position by simply using your body weight. Prefer more or less reclining tension? No problem, simply grab the glide wheel knobs and give them a twist. Typically once these are set, there is no need for further adjustment in the future unless someone else is sitting in the recliner with different comfort preferences. If this happens often, you might want to consider getting your spouse their own Stressless recliner. After all, a comfortable couple is a happy couple.
- The easily-moved ottoman also features a built-in Tilt System that adjusts to your body movements for the ultimate in comfort. The ottoman also doubles as a soft, separate stool by flipping it upside down and locking the 4 plastic clips. With the ottoman locked so that it won't pivot, it really does a great job as an independent stool. 
- Stressless Recliners and Accessories are built to last for many, many years. The unique, round wooden base insures stability and is extremely durable. 
-Stressless Recliners are always created for a custom fit- Many Stressless recliners come in three sizes (small, medium or large) and some sofas have been available in two sizes (medium or large). The Royal Recliner Anniversary Edition is similarly comparable to the medium versions of the other Stressless recliner lines. For best results, take a seat and let us help you determine which size will ultimately offer the most comfort and correct support for your individual body size and weight. We are also able to assist you over the phone if you're too far away to visit.

Important Stressless Recliner Delivery Note:
We typically have 100's of recliners in stock in multiple locations which allows us the ability to ship your recliner fast and have it delivered quickly from coast to coast. Please order online or call 1-888-486-9463 (or 850-200-0317 in Florida) and you can be enjoying your Stressless Royal 50th Anniversary Recliner as soon as possible. 
We offer a variety of full-service delivery options- A stress-free shopping experience has been our #1 goal since 1997!

It is no wonder that Ekornes Royal Recliners are Exclusively Endorsed
by the American Chiropractic Association (the ACA).


Come visit Unwind Furniture Co. to experience the Stressless Royal 50th Anniversary Recliner for yourself. If you have already decided and are ready to purchase, simply click the "Add To Cart" button after selecting the available options. We will ship your chair fully-assembled and ready to enjoy. Please review our return policy prior to ordering or call 888-486-9463 for personal assistance. You may also email anytime- 24 hours, 7 days a week.



Have questions or need additional information about the Stressless Royal 50th Anniversary Chair or other Stressless Recliners from Ekornes? Please contact us at or at 1-888-4-UNWIND (888-486-9463). We're here to assist you with your Stressless Royal 50th Anniversary Recliner, Stressless Furniture or other furniture purchase.

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