Terra Ekornes Fabric

Terra Fabric by Ekornes

These vibrant colors allow you to custom-design your Stressless Recliner or Sofa Piece with an array of Mediterranean Colors. The warm red Pomerol to the sandy, dusty Light Beige ensure a trip you won't soon forget. This is a U.S. sourced Microfibre Velour fabric and meets 100,000 cycles of the Martindale Test. The front of this fabric is 100% Nylon.

Aqua Terra Aqua 981585 78
Charcoal Terra Charcoal 981585 13
Dark Beige Terra Dark Beige 981585 82
Light Beige Terra Light Beige 981585 81
Mole Terra Mole 981585 09
Pomerol Terra Pomerol 981585 55

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