Apex Lotus Massage Chair- Ships Free

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Apex Lotus Massage Chair- Ships Free

We guarantee to provide the highest level of Customer Service, your satisfaction, and to offer the lowest prices on all Osaki & Apex Massage Chairs, allowed by the manufacturer. Experience the different a PRO Series Massage Chair by Apex can make in your daily routine. Bulging discs, Sciatica, lumbar pain, aching muscles, restless legs... All of these contribute towards your discomfort and stress your body. While they are symptoms of stress, they can also cause additional stress. Each night when you get home, imagine climbing into your Apex Lotus Massage Chair and relaxing for 15 minutes. Anyone can find 15 minutes in their evening to promote relaxation and contribute to their well-being. You will notice the improvement in your comfort levels and decrease in your stress levels within days. Your significant other will also surely notice the improvement in your comfort and health.


Zero Gravity Positioning to promote optimal blood floow and muscular relaxation

Convenient, Space Saver Size ensures a minimal footprint on your floorplan

Negative Oxygen Ion Ionizer Feature reduces airborne contaminants, promotiong further improvements to your health and home

Bluetooth connectivty for iPhones and other Smart Phone Devices

Unique Sole Roller experience

Deep Tissue Massage Capabilities

Outer Shoulder Massager feature adjustable width capability


34" x 29" x 51"

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