Apex Ultra-Pro Massage Chair by Osaki- Hassle Free Shipping

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AP-PRO Ultra Massage Chair by Osaki- Hassle Free Shipping Options available

We guarantee the lowest prices allowed on all Osaki, Titan, and Apex Massage Chairs. The Apex Ultra Massage Recliner is virtually loaded down with the latest in comfort technology. Let us ship and deliver your new Pro Ultra Massage Chair at no additional cost to you. That's right, you pay for your chair and we will deliver it for free. 

When you choose an Apex Massage Chair, you are choosing comfort. You are saying, "Enough is enough. I need to be comfortable.". These highly sophisticated and easy-to-use massaging recliners can assist with pain relief, stress reduction, and various health symptoms like nausea, fatigue, etc. A brief 10-15 minute session a few days a week can be enough to notice a drastic increase in energy and a decrease in soreness. If you lead a particularly active lifestyle (exercising, walking, demanding job) then a short session in your brand-new Apex Massage Chair can help you wash away the stress of the day. If you are suffering from physical limitations and health related conditions, beginning each day or winding down each evening can help you reduce aches and increase positive feelings of comfort and relaxation.

These wonderful chairs have been specifically designed to target common trouble zones. They also come with pre-set massage programs to allow you to set the controls, lay back, and drift away to a paradise of relaxation. Many models allow you manually target areas like aching shoulders, tense lower back muscles, or stiff hips. There are usually at least 3 programs designed to target your body overall to reduce general symptoms of fatigue and stress.


Advanced Massage Technology- Standard for Apex Massage Chairs.This Apex Ultro PRO Series Massage Chair begins each massage therapy session with a computerized body scan. This allows the massaging mechanisms to briefly and gently scan your back to determine the shape and positioning of your spine. These highly advanced mechanisms are able to detect even the most subtle nuances. This is how they can adapt to individual users and maximize the therapeutic benefits to each massage program. During the pre-set massage programs, the easy to use remote control allows you to manually steer the massage. This means when you find a spot that needs a little more (or less) attention, you can adjust your experience. This is just one of the many ways Osaki is making massage chairs better than the rest.

The five levels of adjustable speed allow each person to find the setting that helps them the most. This may not be the same speed for each session. Certain activities/events leave your body craving a particular type of massage. Give your body what it needs: ultimate comfort.

The Air Bag Massage Capability is another function that shows Osaki leads the pack in cutting-edge technology. These concealed bags are spread throughout the chair to apply a compressional massage in key zones for comfort. As the bags expand, they naturally compress against your muscles and body. Your vascular system benefits greatly from this type of massage. It is just strong enough while still being gentle on the skin and sore muscles.

The engineers at Apex & Osaki went the extra mile and put a great deal of work into the lower body massage. This includes: hip rollers and massagers, shiatsu kneading massagers for the feet, unique foot auto massage programs, and more. After a long day on your feet, you not only need to massage and stimulate the muscles but also need to elevate them. Press the Zero Gravity Button and your feet will be elevated. This allows blood to bring nutrients and oxygen to the feet and carry away impurities that lead to tension and soreness. You may not even notice but your feet are constantly working. Even while you stand still at work, your feet are adjusting, adapting, and keeping your body balanced. This leads to soreness and hyper awareness of stimuli in your feet. This Apex Massage chair is designed to alleviate those feelings and replace them with calm and relaxation.

Warming Heat Function on Back

Twist Bullock Function

3 levels of Zero Gravity Positioning

Full Body Stretch Feature

Unique L-Track Mechanism for Hip and Buttock Massage

Easy to Use Remote Control

Product Dimensions: Height 34" Width 28" Depth 55"

Warranty Information

3 Year Standard Warranty

Additional Details


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