AquaCore 3-in-1 Therapeutic Water Support Pillow System

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Core Products AquaCore 3-in-1 Pillow System

Relaxing Comfort is on the Way! The secret of the Aqua-Core orthopedic pillow s versatility lies in the many ways its three components combine for custom comfort during any stage of personal or health care. Here's how it works- To relieve neck pain and discomfort during the Accommodate stage following an acute injury, you just add water to the easy-to-fill Comfort Chamber to a level that gently conforms to your head and neck when placed inside the fiberfill shell. In the Correct stage, during active treatment, you ll adjust the level of support by flipping the pillow from the Low Loft to the High Loft side to help address the cause of pain and restore proper neck curvature. If even more support is desired once you re in the Maintain stage, simply switch the water cushion with the resilient foam Cervical insert, to help maintain the natural position of our head and neck and to ensure continued good health. The Aqua-Core evolved from our bestselling Tri-Core pillow, so often recommended by chiropractors. It features the same trapezoid-shaped center designed to comfortably cradle the head and support the neck, and is filled with the same high quality allergen-free fiber. Ideal for both side and back sleepers, it s no wonder it s received the seal of approval for quality, effectiveness and appearance from the National Health and Wellness Club. Try it- we think it will receive your seal of approval, too. Features: - One of our most versatile pillows, for all stages of care. - 3-in-1 construction- fiberfill, resilient foam, plus easy, fill-to-your-level water cushion. - Components combine, adapt for variable support. - Seal of approval from National Health & Wellness Club for quality, effectiveness & appearance. - Call 1-888-486-9463 (888-4-UNWIND) if you need assistance in selecting the correct pillow. Pillow Care instructions Pillow- Soak in lukewarm water using mild detergent (and bleach, if desired). Continue to press or flush water through until clean. Rinse in clear water removing detergent and soil. Press out excess water. Machine dry at medium heat with three tennis balls or a soft pair of shoes to fluff. Water Comfort Chamber- Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Air dry. Periodically rinse with bleach water to maintain maximum freshness and mildew-free. Cervical Insert: Not washable- Do not wash.  

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