Double Core Pillow- Medium Firm Support

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Double Core™ Select Cervical Pillow

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed and Revitalized- Select the support that’s right for you. With new, easily interchangeable, color-coded cores, the Double Core Select is the most versatile foam pillow on the market. As you become accustomed to each lobe you will crave a firmer support. Start with the gray core, the softest and most accommodating (previously not available in the Double Core line), and gradually work your way up to the gold core, the firmest and most supportive.

  • Easily choose the level of support you need without changing pillows.
  • Fits a standard pillowcase.
  • Washable cotton/polyester cover included.
  • 22” x 16” (56cm x 41cm) with 4” (10cm) lobes.


Color-Coded Support Levels

Black Core: Firm Support


Gold Core: Extra-Firm Support

Blue Core: Medium Support



“I used to have ‘pillow headaches’ early in the AM because I love soft pillows. After getting used to sleeping on a foam pillow, I never wake up with pillow headaches.”

                –Lizzi VanDam, MN


Item               Description

FOM172       Double Core Select Cervical Pillow

FOM170       Double Core Cervical Pillow - Medium/Firm Support

FOM171       Double Core Cervical Pillow - Firm/Extra Firm Support


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