BetterRest Viscoelastic Pressure-Relieving Memory Mattress Topper

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Pressure-Relieving BetterRest® Viscoelastic Memory Mattress Topper

Why pay $1000's for a memory foam mattress when you can experience the economical viscoelastic memory foam of a mattress topper from BetterRest? Memory foam was originally developed by NASA in the 1970's to help relieve astronauts from the g-forces experienced during take-off.

Pressure-relieving viscoelastic memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers have provided millions of individuals with a great nights sleep for years. The memory foam reacts to the temperature of your body and conforms to your exact shape & size. When viscoelastic memory foam gets warm, it becomes soft and configurable. When it gets cooler, it becomes more firm and supportive.

Here's why we recommend the BetterRest Memory foam mattress topper:

•The Better Rest viscoelastic memory foam mattress topper is 3" thick and shapes itself to fit your body perfectly.
•Ergonomic support is effective in all sleeping positions.
•Includes a luxurious terry cloth cover.
•A Full 3" of memory foam with a 4 lb density- Don't settle for that lightweight 2" foam that won't last or hold its form correctly!
•This revolutionary viscoelastic memory foam is available at an affordable price.
•The mattress topper can change to fit you and your particular body chemistry, no matter how you wish to sleep.
•Two (2) year limited warranty.
•It feels great- Your Neck & Back (& entire body) will Thank You!


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