Veteran's Day Clearance Event

Veteran's Day Clearance Event

Published by Lee L. - (your sales super hero) on 9th Nov 2015

The Veteran's Day Clearance Sales Event will last from Tuesday 11/10/15 through Saturday 11/14/15. 

This mini-promotion allows you to save big and get the lowest prices on healthy furniture. Select Ekornes Stressless Furniture Items are eligible during this event. This promotion applies only to select items listed below. 

Please call 888-486-9463 for complete details, availability and pricing. Our prices are too low to advertise. Did we mention we offer Fully-Assembled Shipping and Delivery and Sales Tax Benefits? Act now to save the most and take advantage of these discounts before it's too late. The sale ends Saturday 11/14/15 or when the inventory runs out.

Diplomat (S) Caramel Batick

Consul (M) Black Batick

Ambassador (L) Caramel Batick

Chelsea (S) Rock Paloma

Mayfair (M) Rock Paloma

Kensington (L) Cherry Paloma

Vision (S) Black Paloma

Dream (S) Kitt Paloma

Spirit (L) Sand Paloma

Magic (S) Sand Paloma

Magic (L) Black Paloma

Orion (M) Beige Fabric

Taurus (L) Pearl Grey Paloma

Wing (M) Sand Paloma

Eagle (L) Black Paloma

Vegas (L) Chili Red Paloma

Jazz (L) Chili Red Paloma

Tampa (S) Brown Royalin

Ambassador (L) Cream Batick

Consul (M) Cream Batick

Diplomat (S) Cream Batick

Spirit (L) Tigereye Royalin

Dream (M) Tigereye Royalin

Vision (S) Tigereye Royalin

Chelsea (S) Sand Dinamica

Chelsea (S) Sand Paloma

Mayfair (M) Sand Paloma

Mayfair Office Chocolate Paloma

Kensington (L) Sand Paloma

Sunrise (S) Rock Paloma

Sunrise (M) Taupe Paloma

Sunrise (L) Chili Red Paloma

Wing (M) Oxford Blue Paloma

Eagle (L) New Winered Paloma

Tampa (S) Chocolate Paloma

Reno (M) Chocolate Paloma

Not looking for these specific items? Call 888-486-9463 for additional eligible items or a Veteran's Day Coupon Code. Orders for in-stock models or colors typically ship out within 1-2 business days.

Have trouble finding the model/color you are seeking? We also have plenty of other Clearance Models, Factory Authorized Price Reductions, Floor Models & Displays all ready to ship within 24 hours of ordering. Our inventory is too large to list here. Call 888-486-9463 and speak with a Brand Specialist. You can also email with the model, size and color you are seeking and our team will typically respond within a few hours with the availability and pricing for your request.