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Earthlight Special Edition DVD

"A stunning trip into orbit. Takes DVD to a new level of technology and entertainment."
--Miami Herald

"The release of Earthlight is a watershed event, sufficient reason to purchase a DVD player or DVD-ROM computer drive."
--San Francisco Chronicle

Global locations in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Korean

Continuous play for hours of pure relaxation The brilliant blue of the South Pacific . . . the menace of gigantic hurricanes . . . the majesty of the Himalayas . . . the vast red dunes of the Sahara

80 minutes of spectacular digital video of Planet Earth beamed down from the Space Shuttle accompanied by beautiful 5.1-channel instrumental music.

This remastered edition of the best-selling EARTHLIGHT includes all the dazzling video from the original DVD (now 50% sharper!) plus a thundering 4-minute Space Shuttle liftoff, new TV screen savers, and global location subtitles in 12 languages including Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese . . . and Klingon!

On your computer, EARTHLIGHT SE offers a theater-quality video screen saver (with subtitles) and instantaneous access via WebDVD to over 100 gorgeous new shots of the Earth. New Features 4-minute Space Shuttle liftoff guaranteed to rock your living room.

Completely reprocessed and color-corrected video -- 50% sharper 36 extra high-res NASA images Secret TV screen saver Completely recoded for Windows 98 DirectShow API Screen saver subtitles available on Windows 98 systems

Over 100 additional high-res NASA images instantaneously available from Web without downloading through new SpinWare WebDVD technology

Here are some Earthlight Viewer Reviews

Earthlight is the most profound, humbling and moving production I have ever seen. I have just watched the whole of it from start to finish and need I say that deep emotion for our planet came upon me. I wish that Dr Carl Sagan could have seen your production. The music is beautiful and at one point I thought I detected earth sounds. I have a CD called "Wellbeing" which is an exclusive by Time Life and it needs a video like Earthlight to go with it! Good luck to you and the team. --Brian Clark, Fife, Scotland

We are really enjoying Earthlight Special Edition.  The screen saver is wonderful.  My husband is an Earth Science teacher and is absolutely awed by the DVD that he got me for Christmas.  --The Messners

I was amazed at the views and the quality of the images on this DVD.   I could not have imagined the Earth to look so beautiful.  I like the sound track so much that I'll play it when I go to bed.  Thank you!  --Eddie Castillanes

I have just received my copy of EARTHLIGHT DVD and I must send you my congratulations.  I was very eager on getting the disc soon after it was announced and I am not disappointed.  The picture quality is amazing and the interactive menues make it a real gem.  I enjoy the German subtitles; the spelling is absolutely correct.  I didn't expect this from an American product. ;-)  Please keep on the good work.  Earthlight is a must-see to demonstrate to my friends the power and features of DVD.  Also I like it because it has no country-code.   Many Greetings from Germany/Europe.  -- Alexander Lange, Germany

What a great use of DVD technology and with an amazing sound track as well!  It is a great piece to play to relax and unwind and wonder about the possibilities of space flight.  Some of the most breathtaking Shuttle pictures I have seen, and to see them in such high-resolution clarity, WOW!  All I hope is that I don't wear out my player leaving it on all the time playing EARTHLIGHT. -- Jay Strycker, Golden Dome New Media

Watching this DVD is like looking out of the Space Shuttle window! -- Derek Leath, St. Louis, MO

The Earthlight Special Edition DVD will spark the imagination and bring stress-busting Space into your living room or office!

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