Ekornes Stressless Cut Fabric

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Ekornes Cut Fabric- the perfect way to replace the fabric on your Stressless Recliner, sofa or ottoman.

Each unit of Cut Fabric measures 1 square meterA square meter of fabric provides you with material that roughly measures a little more than 39" long by 39" wide. You are getting 100% top-quality fabrics from Ekornes. They are some of the finest fabrics available from around the world. Feel free to read more about Ekornes fabrics on our Ekornes Fabric Information Page.

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Ekornes knows that after many years of use, your fabric might need some refinishing in certain parts. If the Fabric Cleaning Kits won't do the trick, it might be time to consult an upholsterer in your area about recovering your beloved chair. Ekornes proudly offers all of their renowned fabrics and colors in "Cut Fabric" quantities. The material comes in 1 Square Meter varieties. We have found in our experience that most Medium-Sized Stressless Recliners can be refinished with 2-3 Square Meters of these beautiful fabrics. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable Ekornes Specialists about this item.

These fabrics are cut per your order directly from Ekornes in Norway. Typically these orders require about 90 days for delivery. This process allows you to restore your aged Stressless Recliner, sofa or love-seat back to its prime years. We always recommend consulting a local expert in upholstery so they can estimate exactly how much "Cut Fabric" you will need to purchase. If you are interested in a new recliner or sofa and want to look at some of the lower priced options, check out our Ekornes Clearance and Ekornes Authorized Price Reductions section.

*Please note that Ekornes Cut Leather and Fabrics are special order items and are non-returnable. If you are not certain of the exact leather type/color you need, please order a small sample prior to placing a cut leather order. Thanks!

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