Fjords Hans Recliner Medium- Powered

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Typically Stocked in (s): AL 510 Black / Walnut Veneer, Also INCLUDES Battery. All others special orders.


Fjords Hans Swing Relaxer Medium- Powered from Unwind.

The Fjords Hans Recliner is one of the most unique Swing Relaxer models available from Fjords of Norway. The curvature of the seat-back guarantees that the Hans will be an excellent addition to your home or business. 

There are many well thought-out details that make the Hans chair a great choice for many. For instance, it is motorized  and can recline with the simple push of a button. This model can either be plugged directly into a wall outlet, or can be equipped with a battery pack, which are now included with the purchase of a Hans Recliner. The ability to recline with such ease compliments the fact that all Swing Relaxer models come with the Fjords Active Release Mechanism that ensures that your neck and back are supported while relaxing. The Norwegian design also includes wood stain panels on the outside of the armrests. The wood stain color of the panels can be customized via special order, but are stocked in preset colors.

The Fjords Hans Swing Relaxer is available in a wide variety of leather and fabric types and colors. To view any of the available leather or fabric types and colors, simply use the pull down menu above that is titled: "Select Leather or Fabric type and color." The price of the Hans Swing Relaxer will change based on the Leather or Fabric type and color chosen. Looking for a leather or fabric type and color that is not listed on the pull down menu? Call 888-486-9463 to speak with a Fjords Furniture Specialist. They are available to offer further guidance and find the perfect leather or fabric type and color for any home! 

The Hans Swing Relaxer is truly versatile and can swivel a full 360 degrees! 

When folks buy furniture, they want to know that the people who manufacture it are proud of their work and know that their products will last a long, long time. The Fjords Hans Powered Swing Relaxer is a high-quality, well-built item that was designed to withstand daily wear, and look beautiful for many years to come. Fjords includes a 10 Year warranty that protects critical components and insures peace of mind for many years to come.

Let's look at a few reasons Fjords Furniture and Swing Relaxers are so comfortable:

  • The movement ability of the recliners is designed to allow your body to form its own natural, comfortable “resting position”
  • The continuous movement of these recliners allows your body to truly relax. Each individual segment contributes to the proper support for your neck, shoulders, back and hips to relax. The benefits extend beyond those body parts as the entire body will benefit from a reduction in tension.
  • Fjords® Active Release System - All of our recliners have a unique, built-in mechanism that automatically provides the best neck and back support.
  • Many models come with an adjustable headrest to accommodate users of different sizes to experience the same comfort from one recliner.
  • Lower back support
  • The two sizes: Small & Large, allow for each person to find the perfect fit!
  • Each model comes with a standard 10 year warranty
  • All models come with a sticker underneath the armrest to allow them to be traced in the event you have a question about your specific model/recliner.

Still have specific question that need to be answered? Fjords Furniture Specialist are specifically trained to answer any question in a timely fashion and help find the perfect Fjords Furniture layout for any home. To reach a Fjords Furniture Specialist, call 888-486-9463. Fjords Furniture Specialist are also available through the chat function or email at

Let the Unwind Company take the stress out of Furniture Shopping and help you "Unwind" faster! 

The dimensions of the Medium Fjords Hans Powered Swing Relaxer are:
Width 34", Height 42.75", Depth 36.25", Seat Height 17.5", Seat Depth 21.25"

Better Business Bureau Seal

The Unwind Company maintains an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, with millions served. May we assist you as well? We'll always do our very best to get you taken care of- We guarantee it! We are dedicated to helping you truly relax and unwind. Bringing you high-quality, healthy furniture at the lowest prices allowed is truly a pleasure for us. Our commitment to Excellent Customer Service is simple: We treat you the way we would like to be treated. Our knowledgeable Customer Service Team has a wealth of product knowledge and a genuine passion for assisting our friends and customers in connecting with items that will help relieve stress.

Warranty Information

Fjords Warranty service Provides the Ordering and shipping of replacements components as noted: - 10 Years for the metal frame and all steel mechanical functions- comfort, and Design. -5 Years for any wood, plastic, or foam components. -3 Years for Swing Relaxer mechanisms and power components. -2 Years on covers: a. This is not an unlimited warranty. b. For Fabric: this is a warranty against pilling or wear through only. c. For Leather: this is a warranty against wear through or tearing only. It does not warrant against soiling, especially soiling caused by sweat and other bodily fluids. d. It does not warrant against fade or color loss. - In almost every case, Fjords will replace or repair any component that has failed that is under warranty. Only in the most unusual of circumstances will they consider replacing the whole product. The option to replace the whole product rest solely upon Fjords..

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