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Magniflex Terra Dual 12 Mattress | Ships Free at The Unwind Company

Terra Dual 12 Mattress Features:

  • Natural bamboo cover- Keeps you cool, is breathable, durable and feels great!
  • Removable cover can be easily dry-cleaned for long-lasting cleanliness and freshness.
  • Dual Core- The amazing Magniflex signature feature that allows couples to choose their own comfort. Each partner can choose either medium, or medium-firm feel by simply flipping the mattress.
  • Natural, casual lifestyle design that will work in almost any home.

Unpacking Instructions- Lets Roll (or is that unroll?)

magniflex-mattress-unpacking-1-imageSTEP 1:
The vacuum package is a Magniflex patent (actually they invented the process) that optimizes the space during transport, thus reducing the amount of travel required and the subsequent emissions of CO2. It also helps protect the mattress from scratches, dirt and humidity. 
For optimal results, open the package no later than one month after the purchase date of the mattress.
Remove the rolled mattress from the shipping box. Visually inspect the plastic covering for any punctures, dirt or debris that may be present from the packaging materials. With the assistance of a second person, place the rolled mattress on the target foundation or adjustable base.


Without the use of a knife (unless you're super careful not to cut or poke the mattress), remove the packing tape that holds the mattress in its rolled position. Unroll the mattress until it lays in its most flat position on the bed foundation or adjustable base.
The mattress will begin expanding almost immediately once you begin to unroll it. Most folks find it helpful to have the mattress in place prior to this process.



Position the mattress so that its weight is equally distributed on the foundation.
Being especially careful to not rip or tear the mattress cover, gently remove the protective plastic shipping wrap.

magniflex-mattress-unpacking-4-imageSTEP 4:
The mattress should begin to decompress immediately. Typically it will expand most of the way within 10 minutes or so.
Please allow a few hours for the mattress to fully expand before laying on it. It is important that the edges have time to fully rise correctly.
After it has fully expanded to its 12 inch height, it is time to give your body a stretch. Simply lay down and let the MagniStretch go to work on those aches and pains. You'll feel the stretch very quickly and be amazed how you feel after a full nights sleep!



Throughout Magniflex's history they have achieved significant results but never limited their continuous research activity. Several universities and laboratories are collaborating with their R & D department in order to improve Magniflex products. Responding to the needs of every sleep client is of upmost importance, and a tradition that has been carried on for decades. Combining the most advanced technologies with Italian craftsmanship leads to innovative solutions. Magniflex products are designed to support the sleep of tomorrow. Put the hard work and continuous research of Magniflex to use in your home. You can begin feeling the benefits of healthy sleep, from the worlds finest mattresses.

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