Marpac Marsona Battery Pack - Model 9906

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Marpac Marsona Battery Pack- Model 9006 from The Unwind Company

Now you can easily use Marsona sound machine conditioners anywhere- without a power outlet. The new Marsona Battery Pack, Model 9006 is especially designed for use with Marsona Travel Sound Conditioners in areas where common electrical current is not available. Simply plug the battery pack cord into the power input jack of a Marsona sound conditioner for convenient operation wherever you are.

Independent testing indicates an expected duration of approximately 40 hours of constant use with a model number TSC-330 travel sound conditioner. The actual battery life may vary (requires 6 AA batteries which are not included).

If you plan on traveling with your Marsona Sound Conditioner, don't forget the convenient Marsona Battery Pack!


  • Size 5 inch (L) x 2.10 inch (W) x .875 inch (H)
  • Weighs Approximately 52 grams without batteries.
  • MATERIAL- ABS Plastic CORD: Cord Length = 8 inches.
  • POWER PLUG- 2.5mm x 5.5mm (polarity = center contact positive).
  • One Year Limited Warranty.
  • Made to soothe for years- here in the USA by Marpac.

- 6 AA BATTERIES (not included) - Alkaline or rechargeable batteries are recommended (to help the environment and save money- we strongly recommend rechargeables). You simply remove two screws to gain access to the battery compartment.

- A small, number 1 phillips head screwdriver is also required (not included).  























































Call 1-888-486-9463 (1-888-4-UNWIND) if you need assistance in selecting the correct Sound Therapy, Marpac Sound Screen or Sleep Machine or Accessory for your individual needs.

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    AHH peace, at last...

    Published by Pranali on 15th Oct 2013

    AHH peace, at last!out of 5 starsI think there is a contest in my nhoreboghoid, that I'm unaware of. I suspect it's designed to find out which homes can produce the most noise. My neighbors are definitely in on it. They're probably in the top five! I surmise that when their dog isn't barking (constantly) on its own, they're standing in the yard yelling 'speak' and throwing meaty tidbits her way, while one child is toting a boom-box and the other is bouncing a basketball off the side of their house, for eight hours straight, often right onto my porch. I think the neighbor behind me is in the top five, too. He's taken up drums.Okay, okay maybe it is just me and this is the normal hum of daylight living,' for which I've become so removed. I do a lot of 12 hour night shift work, and I can't expect the world to come to a screeching halt, because I'd like a little sleep, so something had to give. My new Marpac 980 recently arrived and I couldn't be more satisfied. It is small (and portable), but solidly built, with cushioning on the bottom to prevent vibration, or furniture scaring. The instructions are clear regarding how to adjust the volume quality, with the top rim and collar. It also has a low and high setting switch. I set mine on the highest level remember, my neighbors are in the top five. For such a small machine, the sound really fills the room and there aren't any quirky artifacts, or rattles. The sound is consistent and pure. I quickly adjusted to this new, distraction from the madness, and found it quite comforting. On the very first trial, a water main had broken close to my home. There were Public Service workers with their, Bobcat, digging to China for several hours, and I could barely hear them. Ah, the sounds of success.If your nhoreboghoid enters the contest, you might just want to consider one of these machines, too. Sleep deprivation is bad for both mental and physical health. Just ask me.

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