Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Pledge

At Unwind Furniture Co., The Unwind Company and, we are committed to protecting our customer's privacy. We believe in providing an environment for our customers to have a sense of security in dealing with us. The information that you provide in processing your orders, inquires, and submissions is held in the highest regard on industry-leading secure servers. Should you have any concerns or comments please feel free to let us know.

Is the information used for any other purpose? 
We require only personal information that is needed for safe processing of the customer's online order and for contacting you about your transactions. It is used exclusively for that purpose.

Will your information be given to any other party?
Your personal information is not "shared with" or "sold to" any other party, except the address information that is required for us to ship your order.

What about e-mail? does not send unsolicited or spam e-mail.

Please contact us at: 888-486-9463 or via email at with additional questions or concerns. Providing a relaxing and safe shopping experience is our #1 priority!