Shijimi Corbicula Clam Extract- 150 Tablets - 250mg each

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Shijimi Corbicula Clam Extract in Capsule From Unwind

Shijimi Corbicula Clam Extract in Capsule - 150 tablets - 250 mg- Help your body function its best with Shijimi Extract- from the Japanese pioneer which has produced this product for more than 120 years. Clam extract helps the liver to function at its best and cleanses the liver of toxicants that inhibit its function. Kenshin Shijimi is the extract of freshwater clam harvested in Lake Shinji of Shimane, Japan. Shijimi has been taken by the Japanese for many centuries for liver support and good health in a soup or supplement form. Kenshin's newly-formulated Shijimi comes in an easy-to-take tablet form. Five tablets of Shijimi equals approximately five clams and the L-ornithine content per five tablets equals about 300 clams. What Is Shijimi? Corbicula clam extract. Shijimi is the powdered extract of Corbicula clams from Japan What does it do? Shijimi is an ideal resource of protein and helps to restore cells. It helps to detoxify the liver and helps in the fight against liver disorders, such as chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. The liver works as a filter for the body and accumulates many toxins. By the time you show any symptoms of liver dysfunction, it is usually too late for treatment. There are no drugs to cure liver diseases, so we must rely on food therapy as treatment for liver problems or a preventive measure. Detailed Product Information- How does it work? Shijimi Corbicula clam extract helps the liver to function at its best and cleanses the liver of all toxicants that inhibit its function. Special notes about the product- Shijimi Extract is produced in Japan by the pioneer company that has been making this high-quality product for over 120 years. This product is very unique and is not mass produced. First, the clams are boiled for one hour and the meat and shells are removed. Next, the extract is filtered and placed in an iron pot where it is slowly boiled for over 20 hours. No artificial ingredients are added. Shijimi Tablet Ingredients: Freshwater clam extract, trehalose, L-ornithine hydrochloride, sucrose fatty acid ester. Testimonials from customers- I manage a small company in Osaka and often host customer functions leading to substantial alcohol consumption. A friend told me about Shijimi and its benefits for liver function so I decided to try it. 10 months later I had my regular health check-up. My nurse was surprised at how much lower my AST and ALT levels were since last year. I told her about Shijimi and I have continued to use it ever since. Osamu Oshima I've been conducting studies and research about health foods and herbal medicine for over 20 years now. Recently I was told by many that Shijimi has amazing function (or action) to our liver. I decided to do my own research and the result was amazing. Shijimi has an amino acid score of 100, high-quality protein, taurine, vitamins and minerals. Shijimi is an excellent food source for these nutrients in our diet. When we eat high-quality protein we need to have these vitamins, minerals and taurine to absorb the protein effectively into our body. In other words, our body cannot absorb protein nutrition unless we take vitamin supplements everyday. 'Medicine and one's daily food are equally important in making a sick body well.' There are many Shijimi extract products on the market, but it is important to know how they were processed and made. Kenshin Shijimi is cooked for more than 20 hours in a very traditional way of processing. In this process all the nutrients from Shijimi will seep out to become real Shijimi extract. Freeze dried coffee never tastes the same as grounded coffee bean. The same is true of Shijimi extract. I truly recommend this Shijimi extract. Professor Yoichi Nagamura, Clinical Chemistry, Fujita Health Unviersity I am feeling better these days and am going to work everyday. I started taking Shijimi when I found out my ALT was very high around 800, though I do not drink any alcohol. I talked about this with my sister and she told me to take Shijimi. She and her husband are taking Shijimi also. She told me that this Shijimi extract is the best quality. I've been taking Shijimi extract for about four years now, and my ALT is now in a normal range. Thank you very much. Keiko Tanaka We have introduced Shijimi into our daily routine at Unwind as some of us have a history of high cholesterol. We'll keep you posted on the results, over time and when available. A healthy body and a healthy mind are important factors in our mission to improve the days and lives of customers, friends and ourselves. Thanks Again- Toby S and your friends at The Unwind Company.   * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ** The information on this website is not intended as medical advice. Always consult a medical or health professional for specific diagnosis, treatment or health-related questions.     Call 1-888-4-UNWIND (888-486-9463) if you need assistance in selecting the correct herbal product or related item to promote a healthy, relaxing life. We'll always do our best to assist you!

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2 Reviews

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    Like this a lot but wish it weren't so expensive!

    Published by Julie Robinson on 19th Jul 2014

    Can't it be less expensive?

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    This supplement even saved my favorite pet

    Published by Ellen Gaines on 24th Jun 2014

    Love this supplement. It actually helped my dog recover from a serious battle with stones. I've used it for more than 2 years. Would rate it higher if it wasn't so expensive.

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