The Stressless Wizard High-Back 3 Seat Sofa

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Stressless furniture is by no means "simply furniture". It is an experience. It is turning your living room into a castle of comfort and luxury. 

The engineers at Ekornes have perfected their methods over the years. They perfectly blend together elegant, sturdy wood and plush, durable leather. They take style and design it into a unique fashion that complements traditional highlights while still looking towards the future with modern engineering and structuring. The Stressless Wizard is a wonderful example of how the folks at Ekornes have turned wood and leather into style and serenity. This sofa is so much more. It soothes the back, calms the mind, and entrances the eyes. 

While the Wizard may be new to the block of Ekornes Stressless models it comes with all of the time-tested, "back approved" features you know and love! These are: high-grade steel frame, space-age foam body, the patented "Plus System", the Glide Wheel Mechanism, availability in some of the world's finest and most durable leathers, and backed by a 10-year Manufacturer warranty for the internal components.

Let's break down these components piece by piece and explain just what makes the Stressless Wizard so wonderful.

First, the high-grade steel is not used for the frame but also for the springs. Well, actually Stressless furniture does not use springs. They use "flexo steel supports". This allows the steel to move and flex with your body adding to its longevity. 

Second, the foam body sets Stressless furniture apart from the rest of the pack. It is not only the high quality, highly durable foam that is used, but more specifically how the foam is utilized that makes it so incredible. The engineers at Ekornes in Norway actually pour the foam molding directly onto the steel frame of the furniture to allow it to become "one unit"; a concrete object. This molding of the foam directly onto the frame allows for greater longevity and a more unified experience for your back and your neck.

Next, one of the most definitively Ekornes features is the patented "Plus System" of support. This system is so revolutionary that it has gained an endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association. The "Plus System" allows your headrest to adjust along with the back support so that there is a continuous, uninterrupted support for your neck and back. It does not just support; it moves with you. The "plus system" actually allows you to shift, move, and change positions while still having the proper, continuous support that your body so desperately craves.

Finally, the Glide Wheel mechanism is a great way to adjust and personalize your Stressless furniture. The Glide Wheel allows you to tighten the suspension of the furniture so that you only have to shift your body weight to change positions while seated/reclined in your Stressless Wizard.

The Wizard High-Back Sofa is a plush, stylish model. It has special pricing on select Paloma color options and special ottoman pricing when the sofa pieces are purchased in conjunction with an ottoman.

It is also available for our stress-free shipping options. Check this out!

Product Dimensions: Width: 84" Height: 40" Depth: 34.25"

Warranty Information

10 Year Warranty from the manufacturer

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