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NEW ChillowPLUS Comfort Device - Soothes and Cools


2-Way Cooling Has Arrived!
The new ChillowPLUS has twice the soothing, "Chillow" power!


If you enjoy the original Chillow Comfort Device, then you're sure to love the new ChillowPLUS Comfort Device. It has both a cool top and bottom sheet so cooling can be enjoyed on both sides. If your head is on one side, your hands can be tucked underneath keeping them cool as well.

The new ChillowPLUS Comfort Device holds up to 80 oz. of water which means more cooling capacity for longer periods. Many Chillow users love the original Chillow, but wished that the cooling capacity was longer. Now, when the side you are resting on is no longer cool enough, simply flip it over and continue to enjoy the cool.

With Hydro-Soothe cooling on both sides, the ChillowPLUS wipes clean easily. Custom Velcro has also been provided so you can wrap the ChillowPLUS around injuries, burns and other medical needs (see your doctor first). If ice packs are too cold for that injury, the 2-way cooling action of the ChillowPLUS might just do the trick!

Also provided are "stick and grip" feet so users can customize the ChillowPLUS and use it for sleeping in various environments. The ChillowPLUS was made with a soothing, cool-blue top sheet of upgraded materials that will stay soft and comforting for years.

ChillowPlus showing comfort layers  
ChillowPlus shown in comforting blue

Like the original Chillow Comfort Device, the ChillowPLUS is a fabulous solution anytime you're uncomfortably warm. It's cool, not cold like a gel pack. It needs no refrigeration! Use it for a refreshingly cool pillow, or on your favorite couch or chair for cool relaxation. It soothes headaches, hot flashes, and pains like nothing else. Sleep experts say cooling the head induces quick relaxation and slows the body processes for deeper sleep. "Pillow flippers" will absolutely love this product. It makes the perfect gift - it's so useful and so unique!! Everyone loves the Chillow¨ and will love the ChillowPLUS as well!


What people have said about The original Chillow¨

"I have fibromyalgia, an auto immune disease, that creates pain in muscles all over the body. The medication I take has the ingredient capsation (hot pepper). The capsation in combination with the pain causes a great deal of sweating. I have difficulty going to sleep because body contact with the bed and pillow makes me feel extremely hot. After tossing and turning for hours, I finally wear myself out and sleep only to awaken several times during the night experiencing the same condition. I can't use a fan because this creates a sinus condition that only makes me feel more miserable." I have had The Chillow¨ for two days and I fell asleep within minutes each night. This product is ABSOLUTELY GREAT! I am certain that it will come in handy to use on my painful muscles as well."

"This product is WONDERFUL! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" Sincerely, Joy

"My wife and I got in a car accident, and we treated her badly banged elbow and knee injuries by wrapping a Chillow¨ around them. I tell you, the way it treated the pain and swelling was truly incredible both of us, and her attending physician was very impressed. There is nothing like it. Also, I sleep on the Chillow¨ every night - it is truly an outstanding product." - Paul Dampier, FL

"My boyfriend calls the Chillow¨ the best thing he s ever seen. He will NEVER sleep without it." - Diana Lee, CA

"The Chillow¨ treated my son s fever when he had chicken pox very effectively, and he uses it constantly." - Kelly, CO

"I had difficulty sleeping for years. I was restless and thrashed around for hours. I was honestly quite skeptical concerning the Chillow¨. I tried it in my pillow, and WHAM! for three solid nights I slept like a rock. I removed it as an experiment, and thrashed around again. I replaced it back in my pillow, and I tell you, this thing really works." - Dave McCullough, CO

"I just wanted to tell you - the Chillow¨ has seemed to cure my hot flashes and night sweats. I am so much more comfortable than I was prior to having the product. I wanted to call and let you know. Thank you very much for a great thing." - Barb Wert, CO

"I have migraine headaches, and I absolutely can not be without the Chillow." - Elizabeth O'Barr, MD

"My wife treats relieves her hot flashes, my son soothes his headaches, and I comfort my back pains - all with the Chillow¨. This device truly is awesome, and I'm not a guy who blows smoke for anyone. It's a great product." - Ron Richards, CO

"My husband worked as an air conditioning engineer for 30 years, and for the longest time, he could not figure out a way to keep his pillow cool. Now this - just amazing." - Lois Weatherbee, CO

"I truly enjoy using The Chillow¨ nightly- it's a lifesaver on those muggy Summer nights." - CT at The Unwind Company, Brandon, MS

Have questions or need additional information on the new ChillowPLUS? Please contact us at or at 1-888-4-UNWIND (888-486-9463). We're here to assist you with your Chillow or other comfort device purchase.


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