Ultimate comfort isn't one size fits all!

Ultimate comfort isn't one size fits all!

Published by Tarin on 30th Oct 2020

Have you ever stood up after watching a long movie and felt stiff? This is often due to a lack of support in your neck and lower lumbar areas. Everyone isn’t the same size, so why would we all fit into the same size recliner or sofa? Choosing the appropriate size and style is essential to achieving ultimate comfort!

Stressless recliners come in 17 different styles and 3 different sizes. Each style is articulately designed to offer full neck and lower lumbar support. Each size is different in height and width and is designed to move with your body so that you have full support no matter what position you are in. When searching for the perfect recliner for you, there are a few important things to remember.

1) It isn't just about how tall you are!

Although height is one thing to consider when finding your perfect fit, it's not the only thing. Width, body type, and how you feel in the recliner are all important factors to consider. Two people might be the same height, but prefer different sizes and styles in their recliner.

2) Explore all your options!

Just like when you are shopping for a new car, you'll want to take each recliner for a test drive. Test out each size and find which option feels the best for you. If you know you will be reading in your recliner often, bring a book along. Relax in the recliner like you would if you were at home. Making sure you never lose support in each of these positions will help you decide which size and style best fits you.

3) Let the professionals help!

Stressless associates are well trained in helping you find the perfect fit. Let them walk you through how the design of each recliner works to provide you with the ultimate comfort and support- They are there for you. With so many options to choose from it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Let them make designing your perfect recliner a relaxing experience.

Ultimate comfort is something everyone deserves, and designing your perfect recliner can be an exciting experience. Once you've found the perfect size and style for you, Stressless offers a variety of leather colors and styles to choose from. Let the experts help you find the perfect wood and leather design for your home. Then you can relax knowing you've achieved the ultimate in comfort!