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Soothing Chillow Comfort Device from

The Chillow Comfort device is a cool, comfortable and convenient way to reduce your surface temperature and feel great. It offers the soothing effect of cool memory foam comfort using HydroSoothe technology. The Chillow is cool on one side with a non-slip backing. The patented technology is activated with a simple one time water filling. The Chillow pillow is non-toxic, latex free, DEHP free (no dangerous plastics), and is manufactured in a medical grade ISO compliant facility. It is safe and very effective

The Chillow cooling device is refrigerator-friendly. Keeping this product in the fridge will pack an extra cool punch that may still be too cold for many. At room temperature the Chillow offers a soft rejuvenating effect- not to cold, but cool enough to bring immediate relief to your head and neck.

Remember this is a personal product and everyone operates at a slightly different temperature. What is cold to some is lukewarm to others- that is why we recommend having two of these units handy. One to keep in the fridge for the extreme hotties and one to remain at cool-to-the-touch ambient room temperature, which is refreshingly relaxing for most folks. Stop by the Unwind Back & Body Store and try one today!

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