Ekornes Stressless Arion High-Back Sofa- 1 Seat, Right Arm Facing

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Ekornes Stressless Arion High-Back- 1 Seat, Right Arm Facing.

Enjoy fast shipping at for your Stressless Arion Sectional and choose our White Glove Delivery option to have our technicians assemble and install it in your home.


For 80 years, Ekornes has been making the finest furniture around.Ekornes has been blazing paths in the furniture world for 80 years now. The company producing springs for mattresses over 80 years ago. The founder yearned to create something more technologically sophisticated than a plain mattress. He took something ordinary and transformed it into something grand. His design is more comfortable and user-friendly. To learn more about Ekornes' beginnings and the current company, click here: [About Ekornes]. The initial sofas made were "Stationary". They earned the term "fixed-back" as the newer Stressless Sofas and Love Seats grew in popularity. If you would like to check out the traditional Ekornes Collection Sofas available, click here: [Fixed-Back Sofas]

Exclusive Endorsement- Universal Comfort- Ekornes Stressless.

If you are looking for new, healthy furniture that will take you in a journey to places of comfort; the Arion is here! This model is perfect for sitting, entertaining, and letting the stress evaporate out of your day. This model is especially convenient for those looking for a high-quality piece of furniture that will truly stand the test of time. The smooth edges and angular design fit perfectly with most contemporary decor. However, the individually reclining seats fit in all homes. There isn't a person out there who wouldn't like to be more comfortable than they are right now. Why not act? What is stopping you from investing in your comfort, in your well-being. The back-healthy benefits earned the Stressless Brand an exclusive endorsement from the American Chiropractors' Association.


The options for customization are virtually endless. If you want to pick on of our pre-designed sofas and love seats click this secure link: [Stressless Sofas]. There are Medium and Large Sized Sofas and Love Seats. Find out which size you need by taking the Comfort Test™.

Comfort Test LogoThe "Comfort Test"™ - primarily consists of probing questions you should ask yourself to make certain a recliner is the "perfect fit" for you.

  • Does this seat feel large enough to support your whole body? If the seat is too small for you, you will notice your shoulders may not be properly support by the back cushion. If your head is too far above the back cushion and you feel as if it isn't adequately supported, then this seat is too small. If the seat is too large, you may notice there is too much space between your legs and the armrests. Also, if your head feels "pushed forward" this may indicate that the seat is too large for you.
  • Is the ottoman positioned correctly for your legs? Maybe you need to move the ottoman closer to the seat or further away so that your legs feel "lighter" and there is no pressure on your knees. Proper leg support is essential to experience all of the comfort benefits unique to Stressless Recliners and Ekornes Furniture.
  • If the seat is too large it may be difficult to seamlessly recline. If the seat is too small, it may feel as if it moves too freely. We always encourage you to tighten or loosen the glide wheels at this time. If the movement of the seat is still not exactly as you want, the size seat may not be correct for your body.
  • Lumbar support is one of the greatest features of Stressless furniture. Do you feel adequate lumbar support as you sit, recline and lay back in this seat? If you do, you might have the correct size. If you do not feel 100% great lumbar support it is possible the seat is too big or too small. If your seat is too big, the lumber support can be too high to properly support and ease your back tension. If your seat is too small the lumbar support will be too low and will not be very noticeable.
  • Can you see directly in front of you? If the headrest is too large for you, you may feel as if your head is being pushed forward. If it is too small, you may notice there is not enough head support to see the tv in front of you with ease. Stressless technologies are designed to provide adequate support in specifc sizes so that your head and neck never have to strain or struggle.
  • Finally, feel the leather. How does the texture feel to you? The Batick leather is more textured than Paloma and has a thicker layer of protecting lacquer. We like to say each person prefers a specific leather. Also, your environment should be considered when selecting a leather. Pets, children, food, sunlight are all important factors to consider when selecting your premium leather for your Stressless Recliner. Learn more about the leather grades here on our website: [Ekornes Leather Information]

If you would prefer a more individualized approach, you can design your own sectional or pick from a pre-designed model. Click here: [Sectionals at Unwind].


Warranty Information

10 Year manufacturer's warranty included at no extra cost.

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