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Fertility Enhancement for Couples- Relaxation CD

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Fertility Enhancement Visualizations CD- For Couples

This beautiful CD is meant to relax and stimulate your senses. Background musics and soothing scripts reading transport the stressors of everyday life and allow you relax and unwind in a neutral place. Allow the feelings of optimism to grow within you and enhance your mindy and body. Biofeedback exercises used during this CD reading will allow a stronger mind-body connection to form. The tracks can be used independently of each other or you may listen to all 3 in a progressive succession.

We recommend finding time and space to safely close your eyes and relax. Turn this CD on and allow your mind to let go of those worries from work and your home and your day. Follow the scripts that are read by Sharon M. O'Connor, RN.

Track 1 - "Peace" - an induction by Del Hunter Morrill, M.S., C.C.H.

Track 2 - "Relax, Feel Great, and Sleep Soundly"

Track 3 - "Fertility Enhancement for Couples"

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