Stressless Legend, 2 Seat Low Back, No Arms

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Stressless by Ekornes - Legend LogoThe 2 seat with Low Back and no armrests is a sectional component. It is most often sold with other pieces to form a beautiful, Stressless Sectional by Ekornes. It wouldn't be very functional without an armrest. If you would like, our Ekornes Sectional Specialists are standing by via chat or at 888-486-9463. They can design a computer-generated image of your dream sectional and send it you via email. The beauty of Unwind is that you can choose to work with our experienced Customer Service Team over the phone, through our retail stores or you can buy Stressless Furniture online. Our many satisfied customers have left reviews about their Ekornes purchases. Check out each product to read specific reviews.

We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction, a Stress-Free Shopping Experience, and guarantee the lowest, authorized pricing on all Stressless Sofas and Ekornes Furniture. We have multiple Risk Free Shipping Options available every day. If you are looking for the Legend Sofa or Loveseat click the links to be taken to their pages on our secure site. [Legend Sofa] & [Stressless Loveseat - Legend]

Let us explain the cost of Stressless Recliners and Sofas for a moment:

  • By providing scientifically research levels of optimum support and cushioning, your entire body is relaxed.
  • The engineers at Ekornes have put many decades of ingenuity and research into the construction of each Stressless Sofa and Recliner. The patented Plus System, the incredibly sturdy steel frame, the space age foam padding, and so much more set Stressless apart from anything else that might consider itself a competitor.
  • The Glide System is also unique to Stressless Sofas and Chairs. This gliding mechanism provides a truly "Stress Free Chair" that moves, adapts, and reacts to your body 
  • The Comfort Zone science is unique and incredibly effective. The seams and designs you see on your Stressless Recliners and Stressless Sofas are not solely aesthetic. They are intentional at moving, supporting, and cushioning your body in particular ways to allow a particular seating style to feel ultimately comfortable and cradled.
  • 10-year warranty on the internal mechanisms
  • Matching Sofa Ottomans - Check them out at our page Sofa Ottomans
  • Stressless sofas are built to last a lifetime. Only the most premium leathers and fabrics are used to ensure a luxurious feel from Day 1 to Day 10,000. If you like to learn more about the upholsteries click [Leather Information] or [Stressless Fabrics Explained]
  • No one builds a sofa like Stressless. Period.

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10 Year Warranty from Ekornes

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