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Premium Leathers - Characteristics & Descriptions

Learn about the finest leather available that is incorporated into leather Ekornes Stressless Recliners and Ekornes Furniture. Smooth, silky to the touch, durable and extremely comfortable- Common words used to describe the most stimulating leather options available on leather Stressless recliners and Ekornes furniture.

All Stressless Leathers

We are proud to announce that we have learned of new and exciting additions to the leathers and upholsteries we know and love. They are called Cori Leather and Ultrasuede. The new "Cori" will be very sturdy and yet still retain that softness that has made these leathers unforgettable. The "Ultrasuede" option will be some of the finest suede ever produced. The unbelievable softness will only be topped by the unbelievable durability. There will also be at least 7 new color options. This is amazing news to know that the furniture we know and love is going to be available in even more options. There truly will be a color and upholstery available for every decor imagineable.

Ekornes inspectors incorporate a rigorous selection process, which includes the most stringent international standards as a very minimum requirement for controlling the leather quality. Our customers constantly tell us that after owning a leather Stressless recliner or Ekornes leather furniture piece, no other leather will do (of course we feel the same way).

Ekornes hand selects its leather from the highest quality tanneries around the world. Because leather is a natural product, color nuances are normal and colors will vary slightly from one product to another (this only adds to the customized nature of owning a Stressless). Some Ekornes or Stressless colors are enhanced with a two-tone effect which makes the resulting leather even more beautiful.

Standard Factors for Ekornes® Leathers

  • Top Grain selected from around the world
  • Deep Dyed using a "Through-Pressing" method - to maintain integrity for years and years
  • Protection- Durable and virtually maintenance free (Ekornes leather conditioner is all you'll need)

Common Attributes in All Ekornes® Leathers

  • All Ekornes leather colors are through-dyed.
  • Some colors have been enhanced with a two-tone effect (e.g. Chocolate Paloma).
  • Some colors are shinier than others.
  • Color nuances are normal and add to the recliner characteristics.
  • Leather absorbs moisture and breathes. Treating your new Stressless Recliner or Ekornes furniture with the enclosed leather conditioner (included with your Stressless order) will keep your recliner safe from common stains and looking like new.
  • Color changes will occur with time as a result of use and the effect of light or UV rays. As with most fine leather and fabrics, we advise folks to not position their leather furniture in direct sunlight if possible.

Ekornes® offers four types of leather- each in a full range of colors:


  • Most Exclusive (and more expensive)
  • Great Hand
  • Natural appearance / Rich grain pattern
  • Is thicker than Paloma
  • Soft to the touch, with a warm glow
  • A "taste of coating"

The heaviest and most exclusive Ekornes® leather type. Royalin (and now the Noblesse) is an through-dyed, upholstery leather with a natural pebbled grain with visible natural marks. A very light surface treatment has been added for protection. A natural leather that breathes well, Royalin and Noblesse have a soft feel and a rich, warm glow. "Some customers tell us that this leather is so smooth that they can't believe that it's really leather." For larger images at a higher resolution follow this link: Royalin Hi-Res Images, or click the color palette below:

Royalin Leather Choices for Stressless Furniture


Pioneer (New for 2019)

Pioneer is a luxurious full grain aniline pull-up leather. This exclusive and delicate quality retains the full original grain of the leather, and is treated with waxes, oils and transparent dyes. This enhances the soft touch and natural appeal, offering deep, vibrant colors and a beautiful luster. The full-bodied leather sensation and natural transparent look will gain patina and become even more beautiful with age. On an exclusive leather like Pioneer you will find natural characteristics like color nuances, difference in structure, marks and skin blemishes. The delicate finish gives an excep- tional comfort and a striking look, but offers just a light protection. Pioneer absorbs moisture easily and is vulnerable to heat, sunlight, spills and perspiration. Regular care and precautions are important to keep the luxurious and elegant appearance.



  • Increased Pebbling allows for greater "tip shine"
  • Increase durability allows for better resistance against environmental stressors
  • "Better Hand" results in softer texture and smoother surface
  • Receives dyes in a way that enhances the colors to provide richer tone-on-tone effect

This new addition to the Ekornes Leather Family is guaranteed to please. It is a fusion resulting in a "best of both worlds" scenario. This leather is incredibly durable and will wear better than Paloma leather. It is also increasingly soft which lends a feel very similar to the Royalin (except without the price tag). We strongly recommend the Cori Leather for your next Stressless Recliner or Ekornes Furniture piece. It is the preferred choice for those looking for incredible softness, thick luster, great pebbly texture, and increased longevity. To see detailed images of this leather click this link [Cori Leather Large Samples] or the palette below:

Cori Leather- New to Ekornes in 2015


  • Natural grain/Visible natural marks
  • Soft, rich, friendly feel
  • More protection
  • Wide range of colors 

Our most popular Ekornes leather (and our own favorite). Paloma is a through-dyed upholstery leather with a combination of dyes and pigments in the finish. Paloma has a natural grain pattern with visible natural marks. The light finishing treatment improves the physical properties and provides a more standard, uniform color. Paloma has been developed to produce a very soft, rich and friendly feel. Paloma is the preferred choice for those who want a soft, authentic look in leather that breathes well. To see larger, very detailed images of these leathers, click here: [Large Paloma Leather Samples]. You can also click the color chart below:

Ekornes Stressless Paloma Leather Colors 2016

Classic (replaced by Cori leather)

  • Most protected by layer of lacquer
  • Thicker Cut
  • Heavily embossed and Pronounced grain
  • User Friendly 

Classic was a corrected through-dyed, pigmented and grain-embossed upholstery leather that had a larger, pebbled grain and was thicker than Batick leather. Most of the natural marks were removed, but some may have been slightly visible. A protective layer of lacquer allowed most types of spills to be easily removed. For this reason, Classic was an available option for many families with small children or relaxing pets. Now the Cori leather (described above) serves this purpose very well.

Classic Leather - Durable Stressless Leather


  • Corrected, embossed and dyed
  • Surface pigmented
  • Uniform, durable surface
  • Easily maintained 

Batick is a corrected through-dyed, pigmented and grain-embossed upholstery leather, which has had most of its natural marks removed. The protective layer of lacquer allows spills to be easily removed. Easy to clean and priced well for budget-conscious relaxation-seekers, Batick is a popular choice for those who want a more resilient leather. Click here for [Large Batick Leather Samples] or click the color chart below:

Batick Palette- new colors

All of the fabulous leather grades offered will require attention and conditioning. This is because they pure, premium, top-grain leather. We strongly recommend using an approved Leather Conditioner anywhere from 1-5 times annually. This will keep the leather strong, moisturized, and young for years of use. Check out the links below to leather care/cleaning products and conditioners:

Leather Conditioners

1-2 Seats: Leather Care Conditioner by Hide Bracer 2oz bottle (approved for Stressless Seating)

2 or more Seats: Hide Bracer Leather Conditioner 8oz bottle (approved for Ekornes Stressless Furniture)

Leather Cleaning & Care Kits

1-2 Seats: Leather Care Kit Small (approved for all Stressless Furniture)

2 or more Seats: Leather Care Kit Large (approved for any Ekornes products)

Ekornes Leather Quality
Leather is a beautiful and vibrant upholstery material. Ekornes® buys upholstery leather from only the finest tanneries from all over the world. The leather selection process, overseen by Ekornes inspectors, implements the most stringent international quality control standards. Every piece of Stressless® and Ekornes® leather furniture reflects the distinguished and masterful Ekornes taste for the finest leathers available. This shows in the quality of all Stressless or Ekornes leather products, which far exceeds that typically found in the finest furniture stores worldwide.
The Unwind Company stocks tons of leather Stressless Recliners, Ekornes Furniture, and Accessories (in our own warehouses) for the Fastest Shipping to virtually Anywhere in the Continental United States!

Batick, Paloma & Royalin Leathers

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