Classic Powered Recliners

Stressless Classic Power Chairs with Powered Back and Ottomans. Experience some of the world's most innovative, back-friendly recliners- Delivered fast nationwide!

Enjoy the New Stressless Classic Power Chairs with Ottomans from Ekornes of Norway. stressless-legcomfort-legrest-folded-away-underneath-the-seat.jpg
If you prefer to not have a separate ottoman in front of your Stressless chair, the brand new LegComfort models are the perfect way to go! This new space-saving, ergonomic design delivers all the comfort and support you've grown to love in Stressless furniture- without requiring as much space. You can select the new Leg-Comfort motorized footstool Ekornes chairs below.

Or do you prefer the polished-steel Signature Series?
This technology allows you to take your recliner to the next level. You enjoy a simple, smooth rocking motion; the armrests are angled for a more ergonomic seating experience; and the BalanceAdapt Technology allows you to take the sleep mode to a Full 180 Degree sleeping position. Never before has any furniture been closer to ultimate comfort.

Stressless Signature Series View Recliner available at Unwind- Choose Olive Paloma Leather.

Stressless Signature Series Items: These ultra-comfortable Recliner models are modern revisions of the original or "Classic Base" option we have grown to love over the decades. The "Signature Base" was delicately introduced in 2015 on the fan-favorite Skyline and View Recliners. These models sky-rocketed in popularity in a matter of months. They reached new heights of popularity in record time. Their individual styling and Comfort ZonesĀ™ brought a new range of comfort to Ekornes' Fans but the brilliant Signature Base™ took things one step further. The Signature BalanceAdapt Technology allows the seat to further adapt and move with your body's adjustments. It also allows the user to rock gently while seated. Finally, it also allows you to sink deeper and lean back further to lay back and engage that beloved "Sleep Mode" function. You can recline to a complete 180° position. "Classic Base" Stressless Recliners allow to recline far back and nearly lay flat, but the "Signature Base" models will take you all the way...

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Did you know Ekornes® offers four different grades of leather and many different grades of fabric? Check out our Stressless Fabric Information Page and our Leather Information page to learn more about the nearly limitless options available to you.
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