Stressless Glide Rods (latest design) for Ekornes Stressless Sofa- Set of 2

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Replacement glide rods for Stressless Sofas can help you put the smooth, reclining motion back into your beautiful Ekornes ekornes-glide-rods-unwind-94w.jpgfurniture. Choose either the "new" style glide rods (for sofas built after 2003) or the "old" style (for sofas manufactured between 2000 and 2003). The models vary slightly and are not interchangeable, so it's worth a few moments to check under your sofa to confirm the date it was manufactured. Of course we're here to assist as needed.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We were notified by Ekornes on 11-12-20 that they are no longer manufacturing the "old" style glide rods and have no remaining inventory. So when our current stock is depleted, we will be unable to fill new orders for the older model (pre 2003) glide rods. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Take a look at this instructional video from Ekornes (on YouTube) that can assist you with the glide rod replacement:
Stressless Sofa Glide Rod Replacement Video

If you need assistance with the replacement, local furniture repair specialists are typically available in most areas. We are unable to recommend or endorse specific companies since we have no logical way to gauge their specific areas of expertise. 


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7 Reviews

  • 5
    Parts were OEM fit perfect and fast shipping.

    Published by Thomas Howard on 5th Sep 2021

    Parts fit great

  • 5
    Old style sofa

    Published by Unwind customer on 22nd Aug 2021

    Our Stressless Sofa is older model (2003 sept. ), the Ekornes company stopped manufacturing glide rods for it. I was able to fit the new glide rods into my old couch by simply exchanging the plastic sleeve that the glide rod glides into. I’ve kept the old plastic attachment from the old glide rods. You can also buy 3D printed replacement plastic sleeves online for these older model sofas if the attachment is broken on yours. I’ve had a difficult time removing the seats from the sofa. The assembly instructions that came with the rods are useless for the older models since my seats weren’t attached with screws. My sofa had a dovetail-like joint. You simply need to tilt the seat forward a bit and lift it upwards to detach it. In case of old sofas this can be a challenge, since old joints can rust or just be stuck. For the stuck joints I’ve used some wd-40 & a hammer to loosen up the joints. Looks like my 2 week long journey in fixing the sofa is over! :) As for the the shipping was very fast to CA. I had an order related question that they answered the next day.

  • 5
    Replacement Parts

    Published by mamdouh Zeini on 3rd Feb 2021

    Came on time. Fit perfectly.

  • 5
    Did the job great

    Published by Jack Robinson on 29th Mar 2019

    I had to request some installation instructions and then it was a snap. Thanks!

  • 4
    Took me a little while to figure it out but works perfectly

    Published by Mitchell R on 26th Sep 2018

    I was nervous about this but couldn't see spending the $'s for a local repair company to do the repair. I watched the video and was able to pull this off. Couch works like new again!

  • 5
    saved my love seat

    Published by Robert Morgan on 4th Jun 2018

    the parts were perfect but the best part was these folks went the extra distance to solve my problem when I couldnt get any help from any dealers in southern California or the corporate office in New Jersey. excellant customer service. thanks again

  • 5
    Revive your aging loveseat/couch

    Published by Philip in central Florida on 19th Mar 2018

    I love my Ekornes loveseat and the day it broke I was heartbroken. The glides started grinding as the chair reclined making me suspect something was seriously amiss. After turning over the loveseat, I saw that the ends of the glides had broken where they attach to the cusion, something I knew was an "easy" fix. Although the fix itself was not that difficult, FINDING someone who would sell me the parts was. IMHO, this is NOT the way it should be. And then someone tipped me off about the UNWIND company and their helpful staff. Within a few short minutes, the replacement arts were on the way. Although i am an experienced DIY person, it was not that hard to repair making it something most folks with reasonable skills could achieve. The most difficult thing was taking the pivot apart at the chair back but once loosened the entire seat came off without a hitch. The other issue was making sure all of the old parts were removed from the glide tube. When I removed the old glides, one of them has a plastic sleeve that did not come out. The only way I found to remove it was to drill a hole in the tube at the other end and put a small rag on a string to swab it through. After all old pieces are out, assembly is a snap. Badda boom, badda bing! I am back in business and you can be too.

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