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You're Sure to Love the New 180bed Origin Mattress. The Best Mattress Value Available Anywhere!

Tencel is Eco-friendly and is actually made from wood, a renewable resource. What this means is that the Origin mattress cover is absolutely soft-to-the-touch and cool. Bringing everything you need to "turn your sleep around."

The 180bed Origin Mattress has the most comfort, quality, materials and durability of any mattress in its class- We guarantee it!

Things to love about your new 180bed Origin Mattress:

-100 Night Sleep Trial
-10 Year Warranty
-Free Nationwide Delivery
-Cool and comfortable without "breaking the bank."

Be sure to complete your sleep experience with a Tencel mattress protector and sheets. Save on accessories when you purchase your new 180bed.

You've got questions... We've got honest answers from real people that truly care about your comfort and well-being:

  • What am I getting when I order a 180bed?
  • Your new 180bed will arrive at your home, sealed in plastic inside the box to keep it nice and safe while in transit from our super-clean facility, to your home. You will find opening instructions and a convenient tool to carefully open your new mattress (and avoid cutting it by mistake).

  • Some other brands of memory foam mattresses have a strong odor, will my new bed smell?
    180beds are manufactured, pressed and boxed immediately, so they don't have time to completely "air-out" prior to shipping. Once your 180bed Origin is unwrapped and begins taking shape, the slight odor (if any) will dissipate within the first few days.

  • Where is the 180bed made?
    The 180bed and all of its components are proudly made right here in the great U.S.A!
    While our charitable contributions will extend far beyond our borders, you can feel the love in every 180bed. You'll rest easy knowing that someone who cares about the well-being of you and your family took part in the crafting of your new mattress.

  • How do I know what size I need?
    A Twin size is approximately 39" x 75".
    A Full size or Double (whichever term you prefer) is approimately 54" x 75".
    A Queen size is approximately 60" x 80".
    A King size is approximately 76" x 80".
    A California King size is approximately 72" x 85". A common misconception is that a Cal King is bigger in every way, but the actual intent is to cater to those who are taller than most.

  • What if I order the wrong size?
    We will work with you to get you the correct size. There will be fair shipping and handling fees which help keep the overall cost of the 180bed Origin as reasonable as possible.

  • How does the 180bed Origin feel?
    Let's face it, most online mattress e-tailers are just good marketers. Our professional design team has a combined experience of more than 40 years and are third generation in the mattress industry. By selling many 1000's of mattresses, we have delivered to every type of consumer. The 180bed Origin was designed to deliver a luxurious and firm, supportive feel to most body types. A mattress can be comfortable and supportive- We feel this has been accomplished with the unique design of the 180bed Origin. Our revolutionary design has the pressure-relieving capability that every sleeper needs, with the comfort and support your body desires. We are so confident in your comfort, that we offer one of the longest test trials available- 100 Nights! Would you prefer a less firm, more body contouring mattress? Take a look at the 180bed Premier Mattress. It's truly luxurious comfort gently packed into a box, that is guaranteed to "Turn Your Sleep Around."

  • Do I need to flip my 180bed Origin?
    The only maintenance that your 180bed Origin needs, is to be rotated from head-to-toe, periodically- That's it!
    This allows your bodyweight to be evenly distributed and the mattress will wear evenly (if this sounds familiar, it's the same idea as rotating the tires on your vehicle).

  • How can I keep my 180bed Origin clean?
    The simplest way is to use a mattress protector. Without this, your mattress is just like a sponge for your sweat, skin cells, spills, etc. Skin cells are like a buffet for dust mites and any living, breathing thing has to use the bathroom- So, guess where that happens? Yuck! Checkout our mattress protectors and keep your fresh, new 180bed Origin as clean as the day it was unboxed.

  • How long will it take my body to adjust to the 180bed Origin?
    We recommend sleeping on your new mattress for 30 nights to give it time to break in to your sleeping habits.

  • How does a 180bed Origin need to be setup?
    Support for your new mattress is important, to increase both wearability and longevity. The 180bed Origin can sit flat on the floor, on a box spring or foundation, or on a platform bed with a flat surface or with slats positioned closely together.

  • How long is the warranty?
    Many times, mattress companies offer long warranties that are "pro-rated". That means that as time goes on, your mattress loses value and you pay a difference to get a replacement. Our 180bed Origin has a 10 year "non prorated" warranty, which means that if your mattress becomes defective, it is replaced at full value. Shipping charges may apply, but that's it!

    180bed Origin Recommended Accessories:








    Sheet Sets

    600 THREAD COUNT COTTON BLEND SHEET SET- Image   WOVEN TENCEL SHEET SET- Image   Italian Collection- Sheet Set- 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty Italian Collection Sheet Set- Woven in Northern Italy Hover over main image to zoom  ITALIAN COLLECTION 200 THREAD COUNT EGYPTIAN COTTON PERCALE SHEET SET- Image

    Mattress Protectors


Together, we can make a difference... Love, hope, sleep, 180.


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4 Reviews

  • 5
    So much better than my Serta

    Published by Mallory on 19th Nov 2016

    We finally broke down and bought a new 180 bed mattress. We're sleeping so much better than on our old Serta mattress (which out of fairness, was a few years old).

  • 4
    Cool to watch as it expands

    Published by Allie W on 3rd Sep 2016

    We must have watched this mattress expand for about an hour or so (I wish I had thought to use stop frame photography, but oh well). It appeared that it was about almost all the way expanded, but we didn't want to risk messing it up, so we waited a couple more hours before hopping on it. This is a great mattress at a fantastic price. Pleased with this purchase and would recommend to others

  • 5
    Love it!

    Published by Maria on 2nd Sep 2016

    Futon no more- I've finally kicked the college habit.

  • 5
    Lovin it so far!

    Published by Sara in Tucson on 1st Sep 2016

    There are so many mattress outlets, I really wasn't sure who or where to order my new mattress from. Luckily I had just received my new Stressless Recliner from Unwind and was so pleased with their service that I went with their recommendation and bought this mattress. I couldn't be more pleased!

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