Unwind PillowTalk Travel Memory Foam Pillow Speaker System - Very Relaxing!

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Unwind PillowTalk Travel Memory Foam Pillow Speaker Pillow from Unwind- Soothing Portable Pillow Speakers & Memory Foam Pillow


The Unwind PillowTalk Travel Memory Foam Pillow combines comfortable memory foam luxury with excellent stereo sound in an easy and portable design so your long trip can also be a relaxing one. Works great for portable relaxtion and comfort almost anywhere!


Simply connect your iPod, MP3, FM radio, CD or other audio player to listen to your favorite music, sounds or books on tape- in stereo, almost anywhere. The finely tuned speakers of the Unwind PillowTalk Travel Memory Foam Pillow are embedded in the pillow, so you'll be able to enjoy your music loud and crystal clear without annoying headphones and without disturbing your loved-ones, fellow travelers or other airline passengers. Works great at home too!

Relaxing on a comfortable memory foam pillow and listening to soothing music or sounds is a great way to quickly enter into a deep and restful meditation or sleep state.

If your audio player will be more than a couple feet from the pillow, consider purchasing one of our extender cables. We have extension cables that range from 6' to 50' in length.

We recommend using rechargeable batteries in our pillow speaker systems. For your convenience, we carry both long-lasting rechargeable batteries and easy-to-use, economical battery chargers.


- The Unwind PillowTalk Travel Memory Foam Pillow Speaker System is a great and innovative combination of comfort and technology. Relaxation for those "on-the-go."

- Memory foam supports and cradles your neck and head

- Helps to keep your neck vertebrae properly aligned

- Connects to iPods, MP3 players, FM radios, CD players or Other Audio Devices.

- Built-in "airline jack" allows you to easily connect to the radio stations and in-flight movies of most airlines- no more annoying and uncomfortable airline headphones!

- Plug-it-in and mask outside noise from traffic, air conditioners, noisy neighbors etc

- Lightweight and portable design can go almost anywhere!

- Private listening- Does not disturb other passengers or those sitting close by.

- Machine-washable, removable cover is easy to maintain.

- Requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately)

- Call 1-888-486-9463 (1-888-4-UNWIND) if you need assistance in selecting the perfect pillow speaker system for your particular needs.


The Unwind Company Has the Largest Selection of Pillow Speaker Systems Anywhere!

Drop us a note or a line and let us assist you in picking the perfect pillow speaker system for you, a "loved one," or friend.


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